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A Proud Owl

He comes from a royal owl family :) Hope you like it.
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This is actually really adorable :)
LINCARD1000's avatar
Heh, that is actually rather adorable, in an arrogant avian kind of way :-)
orinoko69's avatar
I so love this, great work :)
runningfreely's avatar
Awesome work, so deteiled! :clap: :heart:
I like it. very good job. :)
Chexednut's avatar
I LOVE this owl!
Philoscircles's avatar
wow! this owl should be real...
SilverNightfall's avatar
love it. The shape and color is what caught my eye and brought me to your page. Shape is so important in an art piece. Rounded like lines are pleasing to the eye Ive noticed. At least to mine.
I want to know more about this character. I would like to see more of him with huge piercing eyes.
Also the wood looks fantastic. I would never have the patience. ;)
minitreehouse's avatar
Thank you. Might do one with the opened eyes in the future :)
ZerberusKnight's avatar
What a modest owl!
medricht's avatar
What an amazing piece!
KalaSketch's avatar
I love owls! Awesome!!
mellisea's avatar
Oehoe! Oehoe! Love the owl!
minitreehouse's avatar
hehehe Thanks a lot :)
Tsuchan's avatar
Great "proud" face! I also like the interesting shapes you chose to construct him. Very angular and unique. :)
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