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Alex Kris Kristi Molly Niki
Artist | Photography
United States
We would like to welcome you all to Miniskirts Anonymous! Now, at most of these groups the people are taught how to supress their desires and yearnings but here at MA we accept everyone's addiction to the lovely clothing piece known as a miniskirt! With our mascot Roy Mustang in the lead we welcome all Miniskirt Addicts with open arms!

Alex :: {{Coming Soon}}

Kris :: Hello everyone! I'm an 18 year old (10/04/91) female who lives in Pasco, Washington. I am a senior in High School and I plan to move to Portland after graduation. I love cosplaying and miniskirts are amazing things! I also have the most amazing girlfriend in the world, Kristi~<3
I am also known as Kisitiene on here!

Kristi :: {{Coming Soon}}

Molly :: {{Coming Soon}}

Niki :: TITS! >8|
[/The following is the edited version by Kris] Niki is a 6 year old female who has a facination with the female chest. Beware her Desperate bra-stealing ways.

Favourite photographer: Us
Personal Quote: "Miniskirts are not an addiction...they are a hobby..."
Alas, the luck and fate which can bring people together!

Alex and Niki's Story
8th Grade...2006... Somehow they met...
Niki said it had to do with a Naruto Headband..
Alex said there were boobs in there somewhere...
Kris says (Though she was no where near here at the time and had nothing to do with it in any way) that Niki noticed Alex's boobs for some reason, made a comment about how big they were and how Alex fit them in her shirt. Alex probably said Thank you with a slightly aggitated smile and plotted slight revenge in her head for Niki. That was when Niki said Believe it! due to something or other with a thumbs up and a cheesy wink and Alex hit her saying to never say that again. And Niki became Alex's puppy! 8D The end!

Kris and Molly's Story (With a dash of Kristi)
KumoriCon 2008 placed Kris as Matt from Death Note due to a fluke with getting a red wig that was supposed to be orange. Molly found herself as Misa from, wouldn't you know it, Death Note. Events at the convention lead to Molly and Kris meeting and becoming friends!
It just so happens that while in line for the Skits that year Kris 'attacked' a member of their group who was cosplaying BB for the strawberry jam they were holding. Molly took a video as well as many other onlookers including Kristi! Kris and Molly didn't formally meet Kristi this year but they did have some mild interaction through a Nurse!Joker.

FMA Thread
On the KumoriCon Forums Niki created an FMA thread for the year of 2009! She had the plans of cosplaying Roy and Havoc and "was hoping to find all the lovely Riza Hawkeye's or anyone willing to group up and have fun? XD"
Kristi joined in this thread with the cosplay of Maes Hughes, her original idea being Casual!Hughes which later turned into Angel!Hughes.
The two got to talking and planning for the thread for some time. They also dipped into a bit of fangirling over Black Cat and Niki wishing more for a Riza.
With Con arriving real soon Kris popped into the forum with a possibility of cosplaying as Winry. But with watching Niki whine about not having a Riza she offered herself ((XDD)). Tossing together a miniskirt outfit in less than a day she helped Niki acquire the dream of having a Miniskirt!Riza. (Though crappy it may be. XP)

KumoriCon 2009
Day one comes and Niki and Alex are off doing their own things when they are found by Kris in her (Crappy) Riza outfit. She stalks them without giving them any choice and the day continues on with laughs and whatnot as the two get to know the strange Washingtonian chick.
Opening Ceremonies arrive and no sign of Angel!Havoc! Le gasp!
After ceremonies Kristi joined the group of three. Kris decided that if she didn't know ahead of time that Kristi was a chick she would think she was a gay dude. (Good thing or bad?)
With God knows what happening with issues on the Fashion Show, Kris stays as Riza with Niki and Kristi to go on stage. Alex goes on with her Kanon outfit from Umeneko.
As the day goes on the four travel together through this and that doing this and that.
Karaoke becomes hell and Niki refuses to sing. Alex is brave enough to do it herself (With stage backup) but Kris knows she cant sing but wants to have fun. Her 'charms' don't work on Niki so when Kristi shows up Kris turns her sights on her. An easy target...

Day two comes and Molly pops into the picture! Adventures bring the three new friends to love Molly (and she better believe it! D8< ) who is known as Yachiru! The night was spent with Havoc being very Desperate and Yachiru searching for her Kenpachi!
Blair (Soul Eater | Kris) and Sven (Black Cat | Kristi) become close when a certain gentleman decides to woo the magical kitty and they tease the oblivious Havoc.
Masquerade comes and music booms in the air! Havoc (Niki) dances with Queen Serenity and utterly fails. Alex decides to make everyone else dance...even though we barely knew what we were doing. Kris gets all weird and Alex doesn't help...
Heading back to the room Kristi decides to attack Kris and the others take refuge in the bathroom. Alex has to go to the bathroom and doesn't care that the other two females are there. Kristi and Kris lay on the bed and listen to the comedy taking place in the hotel room bathroom. Epic...

Day Three brings sadness as Hilton claims their consierge to be full and Kris and Molly miss the Chess Match.
Niki is Black Team Master and, truth be, utterly fails at chess. The first time she moves Kristi she kills her and then suffers a terrible defeat but we still love her. (Maybe)
Alex updates Kris and Molly through the amazing modern technology of texting but it's super confusing.
Kris and Molly say goodbye as Kris takes Molly home to her house in Portland and Kris heads back to Washington.

We are so epic together we have come up with our cosplay group! Roy Mustang (Niki) is our mascot! And we don't have an official leader person but Kris works on interwebz stuff...
Molly and Kris are sisters... (Says one of Kristi's church people)
Kris and Kristi are dating. (Touch and die...)
Niki is desperate but lovable~<3 (She needs a lover!!! Anyone up for it?!)
Kris, Molly, and Alex are Queens in their own way (Queen Fairy, Queen Loli, and Queen Bee)
Kris has become Alex's Doll...


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