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Ahhhh I miss the contests here, are there going to be any in the future by any chance? ;u;
No, I don't think so. ): if someone else wanted to take over the group, I'd be willing to hand it over, though?
why so dead minishizzle ;-;
If you want to take it over, let me know! It's unlikely I'll ever really get back into it and IDEK what's going on with Pyro.
ohno. ;-;
i can hardly run one group xD if pyro was still here then id think of it. but alone... nooo ;A; 
thats too bad. ;-; maybe pyro will turn back up again. ;o;
Will there be any contests this summer?
I hope to run a dA official contest (with prizes and everything) as CV on my page once I've sorted out this one :D