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About minishizzle

minishizzle is a brand new group dedicated to running on-schedule contests in creative themes. Mostly, our focus is going to be on Digital Dolling, though we may eventually deviate into other areas, such as pixel art, icons, or emoticons.

The intent is to run two contests a month, to keep them neatly updated, and to release results/awards in a timely manner. There may eventually be prizes for winners as well. We'll see!

We currently have several contests running; click their names below for more information or to enter, and click 'entries' to see the entries thus far.


Dryads Contest - Ends June 30th

If you want more, check out our One Round Contest Listing


General Contest Rules

  1. Submit only your own work. Other than the base, everything on the doll should be created by yourself. This means we ask for no premade props, accessories or clothing, and naturally will not tolerate any kind of frankendolling.
  2. Always provide a base credit. Give credit where credit is due, and link back to the basemaker if you can. If you use your own base, please state as much. This is to your own benefit.
  3. All entries must be made new for the contest in question. Please don't dig up an old doll that kind of fits with the theme provided and wedge it in as an entry. Make something fresh; our goal is to inspire!
  4. Be kind to your fellow entrants. Do not put down anyone else's work, or belittle their choice of base, style, or shading method.
  5. Always read all the rules for an individual contest, to make sure you undertand what's expected of you!

Recent Journal Entries


These people are also our judges!



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Gallery Folders

f l o r e s by Consonanta
Design Seeds 6 by DeadBegonia
Magical Girl entry by SmiteTheeWithApples
Snowy Sunrise by Breebles
Past Contest Winners
First by FionaCreates
Second by FionaCreates
Third by FionaCreates
Base Edit 1st by FionaCreates

Mature Content

.heartbroken. by puppetka
Birch Tree Dryad by RotRubin
Cherry Plum Tree by tiny-paper-stars
Cornus florida by DorynaSira
Dress Your Dinner
Tall Blonde by Aranov
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner by ducky-overlord
Contest - Dress Your Dinner by DorynaSira
Inspired by Stripes
Starry Eyed by Chezzi-Chan
Contest - Stripes and Seventies by DorynaSira
Green stripes by Swirlydoodle
Striped Mermaid by NevereIce
Design Seeds 6
Pudding :) by jatola
Contest - Design Seeds #6 by DorynaSira
Design Seeds 6 by DeadBegonia
Basics Base Edit
Shamaness by NevereIce
Cyborg Frog by thebookhobbit
f l o r e s by Consonanta
Mrs. Natasha -- Base Edit Contest by BellaTheGod
Design Seeds 5
Winter Designage :) by PhoeC
Peachy by jessi-g-hardy
Peachy Winter by DeadBegonia
Winter Dryad by ducky-overlord
Magical Girl Generator
Magical Girl by MissRoxieGraves
Asriela by Hime-Allie
Contest - Magical Girl by DorynaSira
Magical Girl Entry by NeoNails45
Design Seeds 4
Design Seeds 4 by jessi-g-hardy
Design Seeds by Coronam
Hats Scarves
Big hat by Swirlydoodle
Design Seeds 3
design seed 3 by rozzychan
Vampire Hunter
Sofi Pendragon, Vampire Hunter by elphaba-rose-wilde
Design Seeds 2
Design Seed #2 by wishuponapixel
Cocktail Party
Bloody Mary by Nikimuk
Sci Fi Cliches AV
earth boys are easy by rozzychan
Design Seeds 1
Design Seeds Entry by thirstyforthelord


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Ahhhh I miss the contests here, are there going to be any in the future by any chance? ;u;
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No, I don't think so. ): if someone else wanted to take over the group, I'd be willing to hand it over, though?
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why so dead minishizzle ;-;
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ohno. ;-;
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abbycake Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
Will there be any contests this summer?
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I hope to run a dA official contest (with prizes and everything) as CV on my page once I've sorted out this one :D
Crazy-Lola Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013
Heeeeyyyyy :) Any word on when a new contest will start?
beblue Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Probably the first of May; the low participation recently combined with our own busy-ness seems to make it obvious that this is a bad time for people. Maybe May-June will be better!
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I... must... join. I love contests :heart:!
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