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Tekken 7 Diva Bikini Barefoot and No Accessories

Removes the sandals, necklace and bracelet on the Diva Bikini. 
To install, unzip the zip file, go to your Tekken 7 installation folder (\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks) and create a folder named ~mods, and drop the pak file there.
For all barefoot fans, enjoy!

**EDIT 28/2/2018
Added options of having the necklace and bracelet while removing sandals as well as having the sandals while removing the necklace and bracelet.
If you wish to keep the necklace and bracelet and remove the sandals, use divabikininosandals_P.
If you wish to keep the sandals and remove the necklace and bracelet, use divabikininonecklaceandbracelet_P.
If you wish to remove all the accessories, you can use both 
divabikininosandals_P and divabikininonecklaceandbracelet_P, or just use the original divabikininoaccessories_P.

Preview video:
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My friend, is there any possibility of you giving the same treatment to Kunimitsu Watermelon Bikini?

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how did you rid it?  use photoshop??
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Pls reupload mod, thanks.
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Any chance that you'd be willing to release a version of this where they still have sandals but just no accessories?
miniscizor's avatar
Yeah, in due time.
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Thanks for even considering it! =)
miniscizor's avatar
No problem, I've just updated it. Enjoy!
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Wow, thank you, you're amazing!  I really appreciate you going through the trouble.
awesome! thank you so much!
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Thanks!!! you are awesome :D
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Looks like an awesome mod! I'm a bit surprised a something like this wasn't made sooner honestly. Hope you'll consider making a minor mod that removes the bracelet from the Tropical Bikini. 
miniscizor's avatar
Thanks! I've already tried to remove the bracelet but for some reason it's still there :(
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No problem man, I'm hoping to put out a videos of my own a sometime once I get a few much needed PC parts. Of course, you and any other modders whose work I use will be properly credited.
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Yeah! More Barefoot Love! 
virtualsoles's avatar
Nice! Been wanting this for a loooooong time. Thanks, man. :)
miniscizor's avatar
Sorry it took so long! I wanted this too, had to take matters into my own hands haha
virtualsoles's avatar
It works great man! Will feature it in videos soon. :)
miniscizor's avatar
Nice! Glad to hear that, will be looking forward to it! :)
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