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Silver Fox and Red Kitten



So initially I was going to draw Kylezilla, based off of a conversation had in the comments of a page. Well, THEN poor Kyle's history came out and, though he's a fictional character, I did feel a little bad. >_> I know. I'm weird.
So I decided to do a little silver fox (based on old comments about Anni) and a little red kitten (because :< he's just so innocent). There are a couple fuck ups I wish I had caught before I colored...LAYERS. ARGH!
Anyway, here comes the disclaimer:

Original The Young Protectors stories and characters by Alex Woolfson.
Original The Young Protectors character art and pencils by Adam DeKraker.
Original The Young Protectors colors by Veronica Gandini.
© 2012 Alex Woolfson. All Rights Reserved. [link]
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Aw so cute!! And I felt so bad for poor Kyle in the newest pages, I just want to give him a hug. In light of the most recent pages, I think you portrayed them wonderfully as animals. Love it! :heart: Of course Duncan would be a fox, it's just too perfect :D