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Shrapnel from Fallout 3

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I just wanted to make a drawing of one of the Fallout 3 characters to see if they work in my style or not, and they do SORT of.

Anyway, this is Shrapnel from Fallout 3.. he runs a gun shop in Rivet City with Flak.

If you take a slaver quest to enslave Flak, one of the characters refers to him as an "old queen". Also, once he's been enslaved, you'll notice Shrapnel leaves Rivet City to wander the wasteland. They share a bedroom (although there are two seperate bunks in there, and I've never seen the two sleep EVER, I have seen the kid C.J. sleep in one of those bunks far more often than I'd have liked).

Anyway, yeah... I tend to pair Flak and Shrapnel up because of those reasons. The other gay pairing is Carol and Greta, the lesbian ghouls, and they DO share a bed together.

..........I'm so terrible.... I make everyone gay...... lol... please don't kill me.
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"I don't keep the good stuff on display, if you'd like, i could show you what's in the locker"
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Ain't this that one bloke who just won't die?
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Really nice drawing! He's my favorite character in Fallout 3. What the person above me said about his voice is so true. Utter sex.
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The voice he has is just utter sex. Every time I run into an OC voiced by Pete Papageorge I just zone out.

The official guide decided to pair Greta up with Winthrop. The only canon-y gay pairing and they just hand wave it!
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This made me happy.

And fellow Neopetter! *squeal.*

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Very sweet picture of him! (happens to be one of my fave NPCs, hehe)
I'm pretty sure they ARE officially lovers. Read it from the Fallout wiki, but it also shows in the game quite clearly =D

And there's nothing wrong in making everyone gay.... I do that too *smirk*
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I don't remember where I read it, but I'm pretty sure some Bethseda offical somewhere confirmed the whole Flak + Shrapnel = lovers thing.
And wonderful picture.
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That makes me want to draw those two even more.. I haven't played the game in a while now, and was having far too much fun playing with mah killer ghoul and dog duo that follow me everywhere, lol.

<3 Shrapnel for some reason, and the fact that I've got that brat kid to steal their shit for me. Maybe he'll get caught eventually and smacked around by those two, since I can't do anything to the kid.
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spot on, though he's a prick, flak's way nicer. doc hoff fav trader/merchant
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