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morgan w.i.p. III by MinionOfKetchup morgan w.i.p. III :iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 0 5
men of the gun
The worms roll over in their homes
     and the birds begin to weep
As the carolers tune their silver forks
     along the great white sweep
While the cows sleep next to bears' heads too
     the night swallows morning's sun
The glittering ground makes not a sound
     when trampled by men of the gun.
:iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 0 5
are you fuckin' kidding me?
after every fucking moment
every orgasmic time i was in love with you
remember the first time we said it?
   even our lips were nervous.
remember the first time we went for it?
   even what i knew was fake felt real.
remember when you left?
   even the air cracked and broke.
i gave you everything.
  you gave me...
   you gave me...
     you gave me...
:iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 0 2
i am an outline
a mold to be filled
take your ingredients-
   your facts and opinions
  add to the batter
and i'll churn until it's
all a smooth,
white whip,
each contribution adding,
but if i'm not careful,
it could separate:
   the good and the evil
   the known and unknown
   and i could lose your gifts to me.
i'm sorry. i can't hold you forever.
:iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 1 0
Minutes minutes minutes
Why is this guy next to me,
I asked him for a book and now I know
          He reads Shakespeare (too)
          He talks to his cell phone
          He might be reading my paper.
             (He damn well had better not be.)
There are tags out and loud conversations.
I'm bored. Disinterested
No one in here has it this semester;
Most of them are too dumb anyway.
      Fuckin' mannequins.
Seriously, one's in a cheerleader costume.
Five left, five-four-three-two.
:iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 1 10
medusa. by MinionOfKetchup medusa. :iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 1 13 lol thanks brian by MinionOfKetchup lol thanks brian :iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 1 6 love in a cobwebbed sense by MinionOfKetchup love in a cobwebbed sense :iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 0 6 curly ID by MinionOfKetchup curly ID :iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 0 4
sunburns aren't funburns
Tame! Tame! Tame!
This burning, burning shell
In a mixed hue of pastel lobster and bleak morning sky.
Curse! Curse! Curse!
The sun has betrayed me
And sizzled me to a sickly peeling, two stale shoulders.
Cure! Cure! Cure!
An aloe vera shield
Will heal (hopefully) upon careful reapplication.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
A slight bit of relief
For the dreary girl merely in search of a bright day?
:iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 1 10
modernly fashionable
when odd's generic and generic's gone odd
you've reached your limit
the forces have clashed and pissed on your standards
they've wringed it clear out
squeezed the go-juice and the carbon into the piping
straight through your heart and –
BAM – to the veins. now you're the living epiphany
of what used to be sane
now it's just a shell of society – the externals are all you can see
but aren't they all that matter?
:iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 0 7
happy valentine's day
"I love you" was all it took, and the infatuation began. She'd dive into his eyes and plummet for hours, days, through the black abyss of pupil that floated inside each cloudy blue ocean of iris. Her thin lips would mouth tiny mumblings of love and tenderness toward his sandy hair. He plagued her mind, driving her toward insanity bit by bit. As he consumed her, the hair on her neck would stand. Her tiny pupils would become more miniscule, and her body quaked with each second, until finally her own body would not suffice—it could not hold a love as great as the one tormenting her dwindling brain. She required a new form, a more capable one…only his could truly handle the immense emotion. This being so, she began, slowly but steadily, the overtaking.
She first slipped in her hands, the hands that he said were beautiful. These she curled stiffly around his heart—this way she could protect it eternally. Her thin arms followed, each taking its own position in his ribcage. She plunged her co
:iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 1 10
ID 07 by MinionOfKetchup ID 07 :iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 0 14
The Things You Do
Do you know that thing you do? Yes, the one with your hands, where your fingers lace up like a corset but your thumbs drop down, suspended midair. Then you take the corset and support it with your elbows on a table or your denim knees, your thin arms the sturdy stalks between root and flower; you rest your chin on the delicate laces as your thumbs dangle like your beaded earrings or the honeysuckle along the back fence at your home.
It's mesmerizing. You look serene as your eyes fix upon a point in space, usually around my tie or my round nose. Thumbs dangling, eyes relaxing. It makes me feel the need to find a camera and take a picture. Of your face and the curls of your hair toppling rebelliously over your shoulders and tickling your wrists. And of the tranquil smile that rests weightlessly on your freckled skin, looking as if it could float off and disappear into the atmosphere at any given moment. This is why I need to take my picture quickly. Before your smile fades into the horiz
:iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 1 10
i like balloons by MinionOfKetchup i like balloons :iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 0 7
An Unborn Revenge
"How many times do I need to say this? Drop the paper in the box once you've filled it out," Michelle repeated to students crowding up to her desk. Her pointed finger began to shake with anger as she motioned toward her "drop-in box," and she took a deep, calming breath.
"All right, kids. This is the last time I'm telling you: Put your papers in the da—the box!" She was nearly hysterical at this point.
The children finally calmed down and shuffled their miniature third-grade feet to the drop-in box, which was becoming hard to see under the swarm of plump little-kid arms, each trying to stick in their crumpled piece of paper. Michelle sighed and, rolling her eyes, returned to correcting spelling tests.
Back at her cramped apartment, Michelle sighed heavily and flopped across the musty, spoiled-olive green couch that she'd had since college. Breathing slowly, she found her eyes closed and, before she knew it, she was asleep. Fifteen minutes later, Michelle awoke to the annoying sound of
:iconminionofketchup:MinionOfKetchup 1 1

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..but you may call me emma
United States
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Favourite genre of music: a little bit of many things
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Favourite cartoon character: spengbab
Personal Quote: here goes nothin'.
i've left Ketchupers Associated.

find me at my new location, ye who be faithful:
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