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Darkness. It was a fantastic feeling, especially now. Nothing but sweet, silent dar-
"MICKEY." His head shot up, only to be met with a science book held over it. "Good morning young man." He recognized the face of Ms. Boyse, his third period science teacher, who was obviously annoyed at him for sleeping in class again.
"Is that a book in your hand, or are you just happy to see me?" Mickey said, grinning and rubbing his head.
"That doesn't make any sense, Mickey."
"You don't make sense." The teacher sighed and dropped the book on his desk.
"Page fifty-two, try and keep up with the class." It was a long thirty minutes until he could leave.
The bell ringing was a god-send, and Mickey practically ran out of the door. He was about 15 years old, with short brown hair that his parents always made him cut. He'd always wanted to see what it would look like long, but he never got a chance to. His bright blue eyes and lanky build always seemed like a weird combination, he thought, even though it
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TBOS Mini ref info
Name: Mini
Real name: Mickey. Never tells his last name to anyone
Age: 25
Height: 5'2
Weight: 115
Abilities: Hemomancy, extensive knowledge of firearms and explosives
Likes: Firearms, explosives, bullets, exploding bullets, females, female
anatomy, bothering people,  candy, energy drinks
Dislikes: The color blue, blue haired women (especially), guns jamming, upset
children, sharks, snakes
Left-side cargo: A large assortment of candies.
Left pocket: Folding utility knife.
Right-side cargo: Ammunition or explosives, depending on what tickles his fancy before he leaves.
Right pocket: Cell phone, house/store keys.
Back left pocket: Small folding utility knife
Back right pocket: Wallet
Mini seems to believe he's invincible. Because of his hemomancy, and the ability to either lessen wounds taken or heal them up faster than usual, he does a lot of things that most would deem "hazardous". He harasses people he sh
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Mini's official bio
Mickey. Never lets on his last name.
Slightly muscular
Surprisingly healthy
Hemomancy, well-versed in the language of shooting things
Penny, Conor
Gun shop owner, part-time black market courier.
Guns, explosives, bullets, exploding bullets, females, female
anatomy, bothering people,  candy, energy drinks
The color blue, blue haired women (especially), guns jamming, upset
children, sharks, snakes
Pocket contents: Candy bars, ammunition, a small amount of explosives, .
Taurus .45 1911
The first word to come to mind when you ask anyone about Mini- stupid. He is constantly running around being... Well, stupid. He
enjoys getting a rise out of people, and seeing their reactions to different annoyances.
It's extremely rare to see him angry, as he's so prone to finding humor in everything. He's also very laid back,
which doesn't he
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New OS 8D by miniongtt New OS 8D :iconminiongtt:miniongtt 1 2
Name: Jake
Age: 26
Occupation: Box boy. Makes most of his money in underground fighting, however.
Status: Taken by Natalia (c)BORDEAUXbrows
Personality: Pretty stoic, but easy to anger if you push the right buttons. Not adverse to violence for obvious reasons. Fairly sarcastic
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OC List
Mickey (aka Mini): Total retard. Absolute manwhore. Loves weaponry and explosives. Hemomancer. (Single, but somehow manages to get around)
Conlan: Emotional brick. Irish accent. Freelance bodyguard. ... Amateur babysitter. (Single)
Alebard Odilo: Former religious soldier. Now a monk. Lives in a cathedral with his 'adopted daughter' Nicole. Is very kind and personable. (Single, most likely perpetually)
Zack: Vampire. Eats blood-made candy cigarettes to control his bloodlust. (Single)
Jason Krauser: Complete and utter asshole. Rude, mouthy, hateful, violent, and doesn't know when to shut his mouth. Works as a blacksmith. (Single. Probably forever.)
Ryan Graham: Polite, personable, well-mannered, everything Jason isn't. Jason's babysitter and "manners".  Works as a librarian. Loves books (STEREOTYPE GO). (Single)
Dan: Human-shaped punching bag. Has the mind of a child. Has to draw his own expressions with a marker. Loves kittens, rainbows, hugs, and anything
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Briaaan by miniongtt Briaaan :iconminiongtt:miniongtt 8 16 Kiribaaaan by miniongtt Kiribaaaan :iconminiongtt:miniongtt 0 1
20 Random Facts- Jason Krauser
20 random facts about Jason Krauser
1.) Does not put on a "tough guy" front
Most people who act like Jason do act like this because they wish to appear "badass" or "tough". This is not the case with Jason. He simply does not care. If he says he can beat someone in a fight, it's because he truly believes he can do so. If he's calling people pansies for running away from something, it's because he believes so. He's impossible to intimidate or scare because he thinks he can handle anything, even when he is obviously outmatched.
2.) His shoulders are incredibly sensitive
If you grab his shoulders or hit them, it is very easy to get him down to his knees.
3.) Sees everyone as equals
No matter what age or gender they are, he sees everyone as equally useless and retarded. As such he will not hesitate to hit women or old men as he sees fit.
4.) Being kind to him will get you nowhere
Short of not getting hit, being nice to Jason won't boost his opinion
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Micheal by miniongtt Micheal :iconminiongtt:miniongtt 7 5 Proffate Kiriban by miniongtt Proffate Kiriban :iconminiongtt:miniongtt 0 7 Sexy new desktop is sexy by miniongtt Sexy new desktop is sexy :iconminiongtt:miniongtt 4 10 Snoog's Contest by miniongtt Snoog's Contest :iconminiongtt:miniongtt 6 4 Sexy desktop is sexy by miniongtt Sexy desktop is sexy :iconminiongtt:miniongtt 2 5
The Exchange Audition
Audition: The Exchange
Alebard stared at the ground, walking back to the cathedral to do more cleaning. The snow and concrete were cold against his feet, which made a light crunch with each step. Something seemed off about today, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He was lost enough in his own thoughts that he didn’t even notice the sputtering green truck following him. He only noticed when it sped ahead of him and pulled to a stop. His head popped up to look at the man stepping out of the driver’s side door. He was tall, almost as tall as Alebard. His brown hair was mostly covered by the old baseball cap, with the faded letters “LA Angels” spread across the front. He thought the man seemed out of place (the flannel shirt and jeans weren’t exactly common in this city).
       “Can I help you, sir…?” Alebard asked, a bit confused.
“Yeah, I came here to make you an offer.” The man spoke cal
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EX Meme: Grim
You can answer these questions with your own voice, or you could go all the way and answer with your characters actually speaking. It's all cool here as long as you FILL IN SOME ANSWERS.

1. Well you can't go entering an OCT without a character or three now can you? Why not introduce him/her/them/it?
Grim: My name’s Grim. I enjoy long walks on the blood-stained boardwalk, clubbing baby seals, and my basement of sex slaves.
2. Wow, interesting! And what soul do they want back so badly that they'd risk eternal damnation in an endless labyrinth of PURE TERROR?!
Grim: Causing mayhem and chaos for the lulz.
3. How noble. Well now that the formalities are out of the way, what do your characters think of good ol' Death?
Grim: I’d like to touch him in naughty places. :>
4. If your character(s) were to spend a day in the city of Nothing, what would they do? (Gamble, get hookers and blow, enjoy some fine dining, etc.)<
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This time :iconzibaricon: did it for Dan >8U
1. Dan fucking loves kittens.
2. Dan fucking loves hugs.
3. Dan fucking loves coloring.
4. Dan fucking loves puppies
5. He has very nimble fingers.
6. He's really damn heavy.
7. He's very strong, no one knows why
8. He can color with the fury of 1000 exploding suns
9. His face is drawn on himself. It doesn't move, he has to erase it and draw a new one to match his emotion. (Sometimes he leaves it blank for lols)

I TAG :icondacothetaco: FOR ALMA :iconyeyplz:
I also tag :iconmisled-bloodshed: for Estelle because lulz u u


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