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This is the next installment of my Ultimate Vector Tutorial series. In this installment we will use the techniques learned in parts 1 + 2 and see how they can be applied to create a vector image.

The lineart I used can be found here: [link]

Parts One and Two of the tutorial can be found here: [link]

Enjoy! And please, if you have any questions or comments or requests for future tutorials let me know. I love these things ^^
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Looks GREAT. Really cute image and I faved your tutorial!
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This is great :D Thanks from a "newbie" on the subject :D
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Very nice ! ; )
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ralidraws| Digital Artist
I think ur tutorial is the best one i've seen so far for vectors...really! i'll try it out right away cuz i've been struggling with vectors for quite some time. I do have a question, though...What about vectoring a photograph? Is the technique used any different than with the sketch? And what would u recommend to a beginner? To start with a sketch or a photo first??

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Happy New Year and may it be an incredible one for you!! :hug:
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MundoNiGenny62984|Professional Digital Artist
exactly want i needed to see..thanks
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Succubus-Angel|Professional Artist
Thank you for the lovely tutorial. I'm sure that it will help me and my husband become a formidible team of artist and colourist! Thanks so much for the easy to read instructions and the screenshots are easy to understand as well. I took a look at Illustrator once and nearly fainted, it looked that complicated! ^O^

Thanks for taking the bite and intimidation out of it! You're an excellent teacher!
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is there a difference if i use cs2 to do vector?
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minimonster777's avatar
Nope, vector basics are the same.
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sircle's avatar
You're awesome. using what I leaned from your tut's, i made this.

I was ascared to use Illustrator, but you made me realize that it's actually much simpler than I thought. THANKS!
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SangoWings333's avatar
This is very informative. =3 I am such a n00b to this it ain't funny. XD
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MUG2003's avatar
Your tuts are very worthy, thank you for sharing.
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wow. this is really helpful. thanks a lot!
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nickyflamingo|Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for saring this. Illustrator and I have never been very good friends when it comes to coloring, and this makes much more sense than the way I was trying to do it.
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I can't thank you enough.. now I'm not pen tool-retarded anymore ! And I can trace, color, and shade line art !
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djeyewater| Photographer
Your tutorials are really helpful, thanks!
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Awesome :DDDDD I love the way that you shading!
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:excited: This is very helpful, even if one doesn't have Illustrator! :worship: Did you learn how to draw and shade like this on your own? :?
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minimonster777's avatar
Well, sort of. I learn a lot from observing other people's art - I like to copy photos and stuff for pose reference, and sometimes if I see a color scheme I like I try to make my own work of art using those colors :)

Right now I'm in art school, and hopefully I'm still learning new things!

--Sorry I din't reply right away, I accidentally deleted all the comments from my inbox, lol!
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Majix101's avatar
:floating: I think my shading has gotten better thanks to this great tutorial! ^v^

Hopefully you'll learn a lot more in art school! :D

--It's OK! :)
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starrybluediamond's avatar
hey, just wanted to say i've been practicing tracing with your picture and i can actually use the pen tool now thanks to you! :hug: now i just need some art thats good enough to trace -_-" lol!
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IceyArticuno's avatar
THAT's..amazing...o_O Wow.
Thank you so much!
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daerave's avatar
your stuff is fantastic. the amount of times ive closed illustrator in frustration will boggle your mind. your stuffs going to help me out immensely, thanks a lot. using Flash to draw my stuff was AWFULLY limiting.

keep it up
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minimonster777's avatar
Thanks so much! I am glad to help!

Be prepared for more tutorials :)
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PamzyLove|Professional Digital Artist
cool TUT
hope you dont mind im gunna add this tut along with your other one on my TUT page :)
keep rocking!
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