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I used to like George.... by minime41191 I used to like George.... :iconminime41191:minime41191 1 9 I feel pretty by minime41191 I feel pretty :iconminime41191:minime41191 19 8
Irko week- Precious
Zuko wrote the last character of his letter and put his head in his hands. He knew Mai was going to be very angry and confused over what he was about to do. He also knew that, as much as it hurt, he just couldn’t be with Mai right now. He knew his place. Zuko shook his head vigorously and rolled up the scroll. Now was not the time to think about her; now was the time to pack- and quickly. Zuko knew the eclipse was almost here. Zuko grabbed his bag and sighed. Although it was sturdy, it was also very small. But it was all he had, and he would have to make do by not over packing.
First he grabbed a change of clothes. He wasn’t sure how long this was going to take, and an extra set couldn’t hurt. Next he searched for his old training scrolls in his armoire. They’d really helped him learn firebending, so maybe they could help the Avatar too. Zuko closed the doors and went over to his desk, fumbling through the drawers for a map. He knew the area pretty well and hoped to
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Irko Week- Last Moments
This was it- this was the last time Zuko was going to doubt his place in the world. How could Azula even begin to think that Zuko would join her and leave me? Hadn’t she seen the anger in his eyes when the Dai Li guards trapped me in the crystal? Of course it wouldn’t be hard to free myself, but the insult was there all the same. Azula told Zuko he could have everything he ever wanted, his honor and my brother’s love, just by joining her. Had it not been such a dire situation, I might have laughed. Ozai, restore Zuko’s “honor” just for one betrayal? The lie was even more outrageous than the one Azula had spun when she first caught up with us.
Zuko hesitated a little. For good measure, I told him to look into his heart and see what it is that he truly wanted. He couldn’t possibly want to go with Azula- he was changed! The past few days had proven that. Now that he had defeated the sickness, he was a stronger, calmer, and wiser individual. It reminded m
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Irko week- falling
A/N: Takes place right before “The Avatar and the Firelord.”
“You brought this on yourself.”
“You have no right to judge me Uncle.”
“You’re a crazy old man, you’re crazy! And if you weren’t in jail, you’d be sleeping in a gutter!”
“Waste in here for all I care!”

The words kept repeating themselves over and over and over and over again, until Zuko was certain he was going mad. Why, though? Why even worry about it? Uncle was the traitor, the one who had done wrong. Not him. Not Zuko. “Country over self,” Zuko whispered, repeating the old Fire Nation dictum.
Zuko rolled over again. Sleep was not going to come easy tonight (it rarely seemed to, as of late). Why did it bother him so much? He had only gone to the prison twice, and that was weeks ago. He had been far happier in the Fire Nation than in his three year banishment (“not a total lie,” he spat to his conscience). He was home agai
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Irko Week- Family
“Home,” Iroh sighed as he walked up to the palace he had spent most of his youth in. It was his first time returning ever since he had abandoned the Siege of Ba Sing Se, and he did not think his reception would be welcoming. Iroh had heard that Ozai had seized the throne from him, and he had no plans to reclaim it. If he wanted the blasted crown so badly, let him have it; Iroh now knew there were more important things in life.
“Uncle! You’re home! Uncle!”
Zuko’s shouting shook Iroh out of his thoughts, and a grin crept onto his face.
“Zuko, it’s wonderful to see you,” Iroh said as he enclosed Zuko in a tight platypus-bear hug.
“It’s good to see you too,” Zuko replied, slightly pink with embarrassment over showing so much affection in public. Father, after all, had always discouraged displays of emotion, especially in public. But Zuko figured the rule didn’t count when your uncle was back from the war, so he hugged Iroh ba
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Irko week- smile
The young prince didn’t smile often.
(no, his father had snuffed out the carefree smiling days with a single flame)
Most of the time, Zuko scowled.
(and naive were those who thought a scowl was a singular expression. as Iroh know all too well, there was the angry scowl, the annoyed scowl, the hurt scowl, the confused scowl, the don’t-you-think-about-it scowl (used only on Iroh), and the you-just-don’t-get-it scowl)
Sometimes Zuko sneered when he thought he had the Avatar.
(but that was no smile. there was an intensity, a thirst that, even though Iroh understood why it existed, made him cringe)
And when his plan inevitably failed, Iroh was the one who took Zuko’s frustrations.
(took them in snide comments, singed clothing, and ear loads of complaints)
But Iroh had been around Zuko long enough to know how to make him smile.
(a surprise to many, it really wasn’t all that hard to make Zuko smile. it took patience, yes, and an understa
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Zuko bent down and glared at Ozai. “Where is my mother?” Ozai laughed a hollow laugh. Why his son would ask a thing like that, he wondered. “You really want to know?”
A/N: Before you read this, please note that the first bit includes direct quotes from the show. I’m not making any money off of this, just trying to keep it as cannon as possible. Thanks for not suing me, Viacom :D
Ozai sighed. Being in this cell was so tiresome. It was the same thing, day in and day out. And he had only been there for a week! Sometimes he wished that the Avatar had killed him that day, then he wouldn’t be stuck in this wretched prison for the rest of his life. No, what he really wished was that his plan had gone as imagined; then he would be Phoenix King with the entire world under his rule. Instead, the Avatar, the world’s precious savior, and his useless son had bested him.
The door opened, and Ozai glanced over to see who it was. Speak of the devil; i
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I was surprised to see that this girl had contacted me even though she said she didn't want to argue with me. I wrote my reply, but she's still blocked me. I didn't want to waste this argument that I spent almost an hour meticulously creating, so here's another journal about the racism in The Last Airbender.

I wrote that journal in the anger and frustration of the moment. I used the word "pathetic" in reference to your actions, not you as a person. I still wanted to discuss this issue with you, and was upset that you shut me off in such a childish way.
I'm sorry if you felt I was attacking you. The internet is a place for discussion, and that's what I was trying to do- discuss why I will not be supporting this movie and try to get you to understand where I'm coming from. My main point is not that the white actors will not be able to become the characters we know and love. My point is that it is unfair that, in this world that Mike and Bryan have created specifically on Asian culture (page 12 of the Avatar art book- "Instead we [Bryan talking about him and Mike] made the show out of everything we loved, pulling from our interests in Asian cultures and philosophies, traditional martial arts, yoga, anime, and Hong Kong cinema"), Asian actors, who are extremely underrepresented in Hollywood (…), were not even given a chance for these roles. Is life fair? No. But I don't want to sit here while blatant racism is occurring. I want to *do* something about it.
If you want to see this film, then please do so. I just ask that you look at the links I've given to you, and fully understand what kind of Hollywood you're supporting.
PS: Just out of curiosity, what are these "real themes"? Whose "culture" are you referring to? Because it is not just people of Asian descent who are upset. Look at the demographics for the racebending movement:…
48.5% are white, 7.5% are black, 2.9% are Latino, .5% are Middle Eastern, .9% are American Indian, 15.3% are mixed ethnicity, .3% are Pacific Islander, and 24.2% are Asian. This is a diverse group because we all identify with a common goal: doing our part to teach others about and stop racism.
If you've read all of this, I thank you. If you really don't want to argue any more, then don't contact me again. If you want to retaliate, then I am curious as to what you have to say.
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