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2008 A Plugs Space Odyssey

PLUGS Space Odyssey!!

The last form the PLUGS characters, the 4 from the serie!!

Hope you like it!!
My best regards to all of you!!

Tools: Photshop and Illustrator
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This is  really awesome! :D
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Amazing! It has perspective and depth for a 2D art.
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hey, so happy you like it!!!! so nice from you
Thanks a million and my best regards from BARCELONA
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hehe youre welcome :) it´s absolutely great :) that style.. colors and perspective :)
keep art-ing :D
minimalminds's avatar
LuridShyGuy's avatar
that's great!!!
I love the nes gamepads!
keep it up...
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hey thanks!!!!thanks for your kindly support and comments.
Thanks a million
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;pido,álguien ponga el tema de 2001: Odisea del Espacio xD

En serio,esto es sú;per en tantas maneras,sú;per colorido, el toque retro con los controles del NES me encanta,la expresión de los PLUGS es sú;per todo junto =D
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heyyyyy!!!hola,hola,hola, me alegra ver que te gusta, es todo un honor tener vuestros comments y apoyo, de veras, muchas gracias!!!
Un saludoenorme desde barcelona
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nintendo \m/
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OH LORD! :wow:
i wish i could do that!!!

u rock. u just do

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heyyy.. thanks so nice from you and glad you like it!!
My best regards and thanks for your kindly support!
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=) I love the concept of the river/blue arrows. And their "hands"... what do they do if they need the white part of the yellow-red-white trio? (I'm not really sure what they all do, maybe they don't need it at all...)
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so glad you like it.. I love this series.. and the characters!! the PLUGS!! so nice from you.. nice comment and support..
Thanks a million
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They're such an awesome idea! And the way you draw their landscape is a lot of fun to look at, besides. =)
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fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunz!!!!!!! :3
minimalminds's avatar
fffffffffuuuuuuuunnnnny timeee
Rammy-fox's avatar
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It's reall yMurakami looking, which I love!
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MURAKAMI???? glad you like it...!!
My best regards
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