:bulletred: Contributors Can/Cannot :

:bulletblue: On Gallery, Contributors: Can Edit Some Content
:bulletblue: Submissions to "Featured": Are Not Allowed
:bulletblue: Submissions to Anyother folder in the gallery: Are Subject to Vote
:bulletblue: Votes needed: 5
:bulletblue: Expires: After 1 week
:bulletblue: Global Submission Limit: 10 deviatons per day
:bulletblue: Contributors can vote (except for the "Featured" folder)

:bulletred: Members Can :

:bulletblue: Submissions to any of the Gallery Folder : Are Subject to Vote (5 votes)
:bulletblue: Expires in 1 week and Folder-specific limit: 3 deviations per day
:bulletblue: Submissions to "M N M L Customizers Support Stuff" are allowed, Folder-specific limit: 3 deviations per day, deviations are auto-approved.

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