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Thank You Guys!

Sat Feb 16, 2008, 8:56 AM
aw yay! I just wanted to send a shout out to you guys to say thanks for all the amazing encouragement, support and critiquing on my work. I never thought people would enjoy my li'l old artworks so much and it just makes me über heppeh that someone else can get such joy out of what I enjoy so much :D so thanks to all my friends - i :heart: you guys!

p.s. my li'l fruitbat, Bernard, feels a bit neglected...he loves making you all coffee when you visit my gallery...but he feels a little unnoticed...if you don't mind, please send a shoutout to him, just so he doesn't know how hard it is to find a talking fruitbat who makes me good coffee... ;)

p.p.s. I go back to univeristy on monday! *cry* no more sleepy for me for the next year...sigh...
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Oh My Word! I would just like to announce that I had the most AMAZING day yesterday when I came onto DA and realised that ~Vera-Yevtushenko:iconvera-yevtushenko:   had bought me a DA subscription!!!! I can't believe that someone would do that for me just because they like my work!!!! I'm beyond amazed! Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!! She's a general writer and has some stunning works in her gallery - go check her out:…

btw my new favourite saying against procrastination:
Do what you have to do, when you have to, even if you don't want to do it.... happy 'art'ing everyone :)
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Ok. so the past few days I've been working on what's been called a kind of 'frank millerish' style (but not really...that's not what I'm aiming for) And if you squizz through my gallery you'll notice it's not me at all! I've had mixed reactions from different people (not just on DA) - some who LOVED the old but HATE the new...and vice versa. So to anyone who actually cares... this new style is just experimental! So yeah maybe the faces aren't good or it's too 'messy' but that's what experimenting is all about. So don't freak out that it's not photorealistic. I'm just trying to think out the box and not be so in control for a change. It's a life phase I'm going through I guess. If you don't like it, build a bridge. But I have accepted and seriously considered everyone's opinions. So don't be shy.

And that's all I have to say about that.

>>>>Keep smiling. the sun is shining. and go get yourself an ice-cream.
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So the new Animax channel on dstv has got me completely hooked on anime (even though I've always been hooked on cartoons fullstop). But now I find myself slowly prising my fingers away from photo-realism control over my art...and exploring more expressive ways of portraying life around me :) line of music/emotive artworks, which are very well received (even if not really noticed on DA lol)

and my new line ... my Slinky and Bunni comic strip. I'm completely new on the comic strip scene (that is, doing my own one) so I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELPFUL TIPS YOU COULD PASS ON... :) thanks a million. oh and any constructive comments on any of my work would be greatly appreciated :) and I'll pass on my comments in return.

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Phew! it's been so long since I'e been on here! that's what happens at university i guess... But i've finally managed to find a little bit of time to do all these paintings that have been pressing for my attention :) and there're still some more to come soon, hopefully...
YAY! I finally finished my beloved Mustang painting! Well, that's really all i wanted to say in this journal... Man, it felt so good to do that painting (i haven't painted a classic car in about a year!) i missed it!
My hands felt like they'd come home again...  :) *sigh of satisfaction*
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Woohoo! Ok, so I finally uploaded the rest of my stash of art that's been accumulating dust on my studio shelf. at least now it can be displayed somewhere. Have a peek and let me know if there's anything you like or don't like...

Um, oh  and VERY exciting news - I got a new commission for a painting of two racing mustangs(that is cars, not horses)! Woohoo! I'm so stoked :) I can't wait to get cracking - so keep your eyes open for that one :)
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Uh, so ya. today is the first I've ever heard of this web page, but so far it's lank cool. all the pics i've put up are my originals (mostly taken from my own photos too). hope you like them :)  - although whether you do or don't, please leave me constructive comments - an artist is always developing...

A little about me... im going into the second year of my architecture degree... i love painting and drawing (and reading and exercising... and...) ok, i just generally love a lot of things... including God :)

k so that's me in a nutshell...