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ninja gaiden

By minikikiart

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Ristyilustrator's avatar
Nice shoes!! I love it,they are so cool!!
minikikiart's avatar
Thank you very much :D
i-scene-death's avatar
too awesome! :)
never heard of a brand called Soviet before, how much they cost?
minikikiart's avatar
Thanks :)
I think Soviets go for about R200 to R300 in South Africa...
Shimon-Ifraimov's avatar
this is really cool , what kind of paint are you using?
minikikiart's avatar
Thank you :) I just use normal acrylic paint - it dries like plastic, so is ultimately waterproof. Thanks for the :+fav:'s too :hug:
Shimon-Ifraimov's avatar
very cool , I think I will try that too ;P
guineapig37's avatar
awww! these are really awesome! Ninja Gaiden is an awesome game :P I have Dragon Sword for my DS. :iconicameplz:
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z28ump's avatar
Holy crap these are tight! I hadn't noticed your shoe drawings until you just put up the Spirited Away one. They are awesome. I'm in the middle of a shoe project myself, but I don't think I'd be able to color it like you did.
minikikiart's avatar
ah thank you :) lol - well if it's your first shoe project, take heart cos I have improved so much since my first pair! lol!
Blood-Banker-J's avatar
That would be awesome! Id never leave her side, sucker for artists & Ninja Gaiden also.- She'd be a winner thats for sure! Id never guess youre from South Africa!

*Check out youre gallery, youre quite the painter.
minikikiart's avatar
^_^ thank you :) lol... what makes someone South African? or what makes me seem non-south african? lol... a few people have actually said that to me, believe it or not... hehe... I just find it interesting ;)
Blood-Banker-J's avatar
How could I not like them. It has my favorite colors & the only colors that I willingly wear. So there isnt any problem with clashing with my wardrobe or anything.

That would be sweet for it tto be famous. Have your ever thought of branching to clothing or something. Hell you probably get rich off me alone. Gotta get one with each individual weapon like the Falon Talons & then in every color especially in like ALL RED. And then you gotta put one with dismember limbs!

Damn Im gonna go broke if people keep merchandising NG stuff plus the fact that I always by multiple copies. I already bought 5 copies of NG 2 which all my friends says is crazy. Only problem is I dont think I could afford it, wish it wasnt over seas also.
minikikiart's avatar
^_^ yeah... but hey who knows...maybe one day you could have a pair (or get a girlfriend to do some for you like my lucky boyfriend ;) ) tehe
Blood-Banker-J's avatar
Must have shoe! I would get at least 10 pairs of them but itll most likely be more cuz I would never wear another pair again.

1 to play & wear around in if I could gather the strength wear them
Another 1 for display
Another for a backup display just in case something were to happen to it
Another as a backup to the backup display
And 6 more as play shoes due to wear & tear

*By the way you should sell them locally cuz then I could wear them freely & get another if something were to happen. But then again I dont know if I could handle seeing so many people walking around with them but on the other hand it would be nice to see all the fans.

Shoot, how much would you sell it for!?
minikikiart's avatar
:w00t!: glad you like them so much ;) and thanks for the :+fav:

well to sell them locally would mean to sell them in SOuth Africa (where I'm from)... I'm still seriously considering making a business out of painting shoes but I'm in my final year of undergrad so a bit busy at the moment... but keep your eyes open... you never know how soon my shoes might get famous one day...

p.s. if you really are incredibly serious that you want a pair, we can talk further about prices and stuff and work something out ;)
w-e-s's avatar
simply genius! I love em!
minikikiart's avatar
THank you :D

And thanks for the :+fav:!

Eolc's avatar
Oh I like it too!
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