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Hello, fellow Singaporean here :) Just visited your website. Just wondering, are you happy with your job now (in terms of both enjoyment, money earned, regularity, e.t.c.) , and do you feel that you have made the right choices in your education? :XD:

As a Sec 4 student taking 'O' Levels later this year, I've always wondered what happens to Poly students after they've graduated from an art-related course, be it animation, design, or even videogame development.

You say on your website, "My interest grew and I began to realise that I could bring it further by actually enroll in a digital media design programme. However, not everybody was supportive of it, because at that time, the society more or less feels that studying at a college and going to university was the best and safest way in life." Haha, that still holds true today! :XD: All of my teachers and family members urge me to go to Junior College (which of course is the safest way to get into university). Personally, I'm okay with going to either a Poly or JC, but if I were to go to Poly and graduate from there, would I be satisfied with my career? (what my parents actually worry about is that I won't earn enough money if I don't get into a uni.)

Also, how did you get into university? Were you the top 10% of NYP or something like that? :O
Hi there!
Thanks for writing to me. I appreciate it.

Yes, I'm happy and enjoying what I do - animation.I know I've made the right choices in education because I look forward to go to school everyday! =)

Animators were reported to get one of the lowest starting pay amongst fresh graduates. Depending on the company and their performance, they may be promoted or get a salary raise. Moreover, other than character animators, there are plenty of disciplines in the animation industry. 3D modellers, lighting and rendering artists, techical directors, storyboard artists, layout artists... just to name a few. And some of these other disciplines pay well.

As for the question, "where do poly animation/design students go?" It really depends on how much he/she feels for this craft. Some of my poly friends are working in animation-related industries, while some choose to work in other fields and they are generally doing okay.

Yes, I was top 10% of my school. I'm not entirely sure about the application criteria. If I'm not wrong, on top of academic results, NTU ADM now requires applicants to submit a portfolio and submit a simple "entry test".

Our animation industry in Singapore is still young and small, but it's definitely growing. I've heard that at times it can be very challenging to find a job or make a lot of money. I think it will certainly help to be one of the best out there. In a sense, I was taking a risk 7 years ago but I was very confident of achieving what I wanted to achieve. I'm glad I'm at where I am now.
Thx for the watch!
Hey dude, I dont wanna be abusive but, man, I do really need some help with 3D and video compositing, I need to put some 3D text in a city, Valparaiso from Chile, I am from chile by the way, so please if you can help I`ll be so Damn happy, This is for school I have to do an interactive CD, with flash and stuff.

well, I hope you can help me, take care, this is mi email
I sent you an email did you receive it? I guess it might be a little late now..

How's your projects coming along? :D
aaah, yeah, sorry, I forgot to tell you...

Yes, I receibed de email, thanxs so much for that

and no, the project is off.


aahahhahaha, anyway, I still going to do it, but just for pleasure

thanks a lot again