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whee i haven't done any fan art in a while... i think ^^;
anyways, i'm trying to catch up with avatar lately and when i was caught up to toph part, i was like she's awesome XD haha . i guess this is like thanks for 3000 hits and trying some different style. i try to do free/sketch feel like to it. i kinda sped paint/drew it too. i think it took like an hour to two? didn't watch the time.
ps cs2, using only one layer
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Nicely done, looks very good :D
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Wow all the way... Amazing!
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genial, muy real, buen usso de colores, sombras y luz. Te daria un gran puntuaje. Dime, Que hiciste para ponerle un cabello lleno de "vida"?
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Toph rawks my sawks~~~ <3 <3 Minie~ ~^.^~
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How far into Avatar are you now?
(Somehow I figured Toph would be at least one of your favorites....)
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i finished all the dvd's that you gave me ^^;
i donno after a while toph kinda grew on me ^^; and i like her metal bending >D
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Cool, if you want to be completely caught up on the series the rest of the episodes are on
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