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This took a loooong time to get from my mind onto paper.
Sketch after sketch after sketch got abandoned, re-worked, discarded, etc.
Reference after Reference got tested and found lacking.
I finally finished.

3H, 2B, 3B, 6B, and 9B pencils.
Watercolour pencils and wine.
Relatively cheap paper.
12 hours of work (on this specific piece alone).

Reference Used; [link]

To me, this has a lot of meaning.
It's the drawing peeling back, revealing skin beneath, representing showing reality which is otherwise hidden behind a facade of "what you should be".
It's that feeling of rage when you feel constricted by the expectations of friends, family, society, the world around you, making you just want to rip off the mask and scream "this is me! Fucking deal with it!"
It's that feeling of frustration, when your appearance doesn't match who you are. When the mirror feels like yet another liar.
All that dips into my life as a trans man, but I have a feeling, that in this day and age, we can all sometimes feel a little touch of this, if not more.


- The original piece is sold, so if you want to own this image, prints through dA is the only way left.
- HOLY SHIT! Over a thousand views in the first 11 hours since I uploaded it? Wow! (I wonder what kind of number there'll be there after I sleep!) I feel spoiled!
- OVER 300 FAVES?!?... You guys inspire me to draw more!
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Didn't know I needed this. It's amazing.
HearseGurl's avatar
Powerful piece indeed and I feel it! :thumbsup:
zerai-leopard-28's avatar
Love it, exactly how I feel
Darkisethas's avatar
All those emotions I couldn't put into words... I love this pic!
921MyDog's avatar
I know this pain...
Daviinc's avatar
nikkissippi121's avatar
This is just... so powerful. Wow! I-I love it. :)
Niveal-Sedulo's avatar
Your representation of the feeling is just perfect!
I love it *cries*
DamyenLeFay's avatar
I wish i could just do this and get rid of my top dysphoria
CellieKitty's avatar
I am able to strongly relate to this.
ChartreuseNoir's avatar
DriftBlack's avatar
This is so powerful and beautiful, I would KILL to be able to rip off my skin, and be seen for what I am on the inside. v.v WHY ISN'T THIS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE>>
FearMehAwsomeness's avatar
Of all the FTM pieces I've seen, this is by far my favorite.
Miniar's avatar
DictatorCat's avatar
Amazing and exactly how I feel.
rancidfemme's avatar
This is so powerful.
Solitary-Sora's avatar
ok good I'm not the only one who thought of this. And yeah, I know the feeling. I would actually do it too if I wasn't allergic to pain.
Octoux's avatar
She ripped her boobies off?
pyro123boom's avatar
If only it was tat easy...<.>
WariTab's avatar
this is fuckings grat i love it.
Im speachless man this means alot to me.. *Tears*
cambiare-magico's avatar
This is absolutely stunning work and I think so many trans people and others alike can relate to it. Thank you so much for your upload and bravery for sharing something so personal. The level of emotion in this drawing is incredible.
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