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Joselyn Howells

All art is by SongFlye


Full name Joselyn Howells
Nickname: Jose
Age: 26 year old 
Nationality: Danish 
Religion: Christian 
The current place for living: Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Job title: Lawyer 
Is she married? No 
Mother tongue: Dutch
Birthday: 1/20/1997
What does the character like? Working out, Hiking, traveling, and animals.
What does the character dislike? Stairs, cold weather, and stupid drivers. 


Addictions: She vapes alot 
Bad Habits: Scratches arm when nervous 
Color of Eyes: Brown 
The color of Hair: Red and silver
The color of Skin: Pale
Does the character drink regularly? No
Does the character have any disabilities? No 
Does the character smoke? Jusr vapes
Good Habits: Likes to help others
Height: 5'8 
Hobbies: Working out, hiking, bike riding, studying, and likes to play the guitar.
Is she wearing Glasses? No
Is the character healthy or does he have any diseases? Healthy 
Type of Face: Heart shape
Weight: 160
What’s the style of the character? She likes steampunk and pirate things but she can dress modern and elegant. 


Education: University 
Intelligent or not? Very intelligent 
Fears: None 
Self-Confidence: Medium to high 
Rational Or Emotional: Rational 
How could you upset this character? Getting on her bad side after being friends. 


What are emotional strengths of the character? Determined and independent 
What are emotional weaknesses of the character? Has a hard time working and trusting others and sometimes too determined her way. 
Is the character an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert 
What’s her meaning of life?  She doesn't even know 
What would the character like to change in her life? She would like to be more open. 
What things motivate the character? When she accomplish things 
What situations scares the character? When she gets close to a deadline 
Does the character prefer to give or to take? She prefers to give 
Is the character rather nice or rude? She's nice but can be wicked. 

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