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Chimera-for Evo OC contest

New edit: I was looking at gift art of Ian and
he looks so yellow!! He is actually white, like, caucasian,
not that weird yellow color. I don't know why
the heck I made him so pale!

11/6/11 Edit: Inspired by the Sims game, I decided Ian's negative qualities are being a worry-wart, under-confident, immature, and a bit lazy, among others.

Super important Edit:
Whoever Ian switches bodies with, only Ian can switch them back. Eventhough a person can be temporarily
in Ians' body, his power isn't accessible to them.
It's like it shuts off I suppose. Or to put it another way,
because Ian switched them, he is the only one able
to switch them back.

Important Edit 2:
Atemuzko gave me some important questions as to the limits of Ians powers. I thought it might help
anyone on team 4 in case they decide to use his powers
in their comic, so here they are.

I would say, for the sake of science and realism,
that his powers do have a distance limit (just like
Nightcrawler can only teleport as for as three miles
out and has to see or know where he is going.)
Ian's limit is 50 feet. Enough to
see a person, but not too close.

He's only limited to how much energy he
has, or if he's exahausted, then he can't use his power.

He'd only get 'stuck' or have another person
trapped in a body if he were distressed.

Important Edit 3:
If Ian switches bodies with an animal, he can't talk
in an animals body. zeEbrowz did this in her comic,
but it wasn't super annoying or anything to me and it worked for her style, plus we have the rule
to use each others characters however we want,
so even if I had been upset, there wouldn't have
been anything I could have done about it. Though for
future comics, I just thought I would point it out.


This is my OC, Ian! :D
I'm pretty proud of him, hope he does okay in the tournament.

Long story short, Ian has been around for a long time. I had to rework his backstory because it didn't feel right and it was really old (He used to be an orphan and was found by my other old-now retired-OC, Bobby.) Edit: Originally,
Ian also had a crush on Rahne. Seems a little silly in retrospect now.

Now he's the child of a single parent and most other stuff about him stayed the same, except his backstory is so much different now. You can see it in the comic I'm going to post soon.

Taking a leaf from another contestants book, I'm deciding to flesh out his profile here in the comments because I'm so terribly unhappy with how I handled it. (Here I can just go nuts and it won't matter. Bwhahahaha!)

Profile Continued:
His quirks are whistling at strange moments and humming to himself sometimes. (I just made that up on the spot.--Poor Ian.) His mom tried to raise him vegan like her, but he gravitated to vegetarianism at around five years old.
His favorite animals are dogs and panda bears.

Ians dad left when he was still a baby. He is resentful, but he deals with it. He is glad that his mom at least gets some money to support the two of them.

Ian is mostly outgoing, but has his shy, quiet moments.
He likes to have fun, but he also knows when to be responsible. Ian tries to be very helpful to others, but not to the point of being annoying. Sometimes he can be sarcastic, but not all the time. Ian is not a flirt. He is actually pretty shy around girls.
I guess you could call him a bit of a go getter, because he tries hard in everything that he does. Ian is a smart kid and very self reliant and independent.
He's not a leader type, but more like a right-hand man.
If you need help, he's there. If you need cheering up, he's there. If you have food, he's there a lot faster.

Ian can be stubborn sometimes, but doesn't have a temper. He is easily annoyed and will let you know when you're getting on his nerves. Sometimes he can be blunt, but he is not a jerk. He's not the teasing sort, so you won't see him playing practicle jokes. Ian isn't totally serious. He knows how to have fun and when to goof off.
He is not full of angst, he's just normal.

Facts Profile:

Name:Ian Sparrow


Hieght: 5'2


Hair color: Dirty blonde

Eye color: Blue

Sex: Male

Marital status: Single


Small, skinny.
Big aqua blue eyes, dirty blonde hair,
nice teeth. Considered cute
and sometimes even rather good looking.

Power:Switching people's bodies.

Codename: Chimera

Family: His mom

Hometown: Philidelphia, PA
Ratchetbury,CA (fictional)

Likes: Poetry, art

Dislikes: Being picked on, trampy girls

Fears: Rejection

Hates: Not having any space

Hobbies: Writing, crafts



Food: Veggie burger, veggie spam (I don't know
if veggie spam actually exists.)

Color: Green,black

Performers:Maroon 5, Josh Groban, Kenny G, Simple Plan

Time of day:late afternoon


TV show:

CSI:Miami, That 70's show,
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Robot Chicken

Movies:Jaws, Titanic, Godzilla (re-make), the Fly,
E.T, The Day After Tomorrow, Phantom of the Opera,
Finding Nemo, Meet The Parents

Least favorite:

Food:meats, fish, poultry, kale, rootabega,

Color: pink


Time of day: None

Class: Algebra

Worst enemy: None

Quirks: A vegetarian, keeps a journal, whistling at strange moments and humming to himself sometimes.

Self image: Fairly Good. Wonders if there
is something wrong with him since his dad abandoned him.

Body image: Okay. Wishes he were more muscular. Eventually doesn't have a problem with being short because he realizes it makes him more attractive.

Edit: Took away average looking from
his profile. I knew it didn't fit in
there (you can't be cute, good looking AND average!), but
it didn't click and that was why I didn't take it out until now. Sorry!

Edit: I can't remember where I wrote it specifically, but
I decided I don't want Ian's mom to be a vegan, I want
her to be a vegetarian. I just don't think I can completely
agree with veganism.

Ian © Myself
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Commaki's avatar
Cool chara, but it's without ears ^.^"
Not to get angery haha
Prydester's avatar
we're room mates.
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Yup! :D

So...should Russel get the top bunk or bottom?
(Something tells me he would want the top.)
Ian probably wouldn't care either way.

I'm not sure If I'm going to include them being roomies or
not in my comic, and we're asked to arrange OCs within their rooms
anyway. Something tells me Russel has a lot of clothes too. ^_^
Prydester's avatar
Russell has never shared with anyone before. I guess he would have the top, thinking it the best option,then later regret the decision. I'm not sure if we can include them as roomies in our comics because we are on separate teams. The room arranging should be fun. The guys have got a spare bed to decide what to do with.
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Looks like the question about roomies in our comics got cleared up. It's okay to show them, but only before they
start the mission. It's answered in the comments.

zippymax's avatar
This character reminds me of... ME! (But only a little.) Seriously though, good job!
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar

I can see it going something like Russell flip-flopping between wanting the top and bottom, then Ian just giving up and taking the spare bed. ("I give UP! you can have the whole bunk to yourself, I'll take the spare.")


I kind of like that idea. It's funny. Might have to do
something with it, if only give it a mention or something.
I don't know, from what I can gather, it sounds like something Russell would do. I guess Ian will take the spare bed then, as
strange as that might sound.

It looks to me like it's okay for contestants to use roommates in
our comics as far as I can tell. Someone asked this question in
the comments section of the phase 2 rules, but it hasn't been answered yet. I don't see any rules against it however, and we're encouraged to have interaction between OCs too. If you want to have Ian in your comic, that's fine by me.
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Now thats a power thats gonna be handy :]
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Nice character and his powers sound awsome, good luck!
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Thank you very much!
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