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candy corn is one of my favorite types of candy, I eventually had to make an icon for it. I made this the weekend before Halloween but... I've been having some serious computer problems. Right now, anything that is animated looks really glitchy on my compy, hopefully this animation looks okay for you guys ^^;

I'll just use this as my 1 year on DA deviation, I hope you like it! :iconilikeitplz:

P.S. I love you all~ :love:

:star:this is a free icon, anyone can use it. If you do decide to use this, please give credit in your signature:star:

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little-one-girl's avatar
so cute and using ♥
Akimati's avatar
Ohhh, this is really cute! The shading is nice too~
ivory199's avatar
love candy corn
binarystep's avatar
Candy corn...?

I smell a Problem Sleuth reference.
TwilitRoses's avatar
CAndy Corn!! ^0^
JustAnotherCecilFan's avatar
Aww, you made candy corn even cuter than it already is! :love:
myuni54's avatar
Very cute ^w^ !!
cupcakecreature15's avatar
how do u make an icon?
and how do u use one
KawaiiMapleSyrup's avatar
What did u use 4 this? its perfect! is it photoshop? :]
Mini-Umbrella's avatar
Nope, I use GIMP for all my pixel art, although Photoshop is also good for pixel stuff ^-^
KawaiiMapleSyrup's avatar
OOOh... Thanks BTW
PS. Ur icons are super kawaii >U<
jme90x's avatar
I'm luvin all your cuties!!!
Thank you
CatLuigi's avatar
Candy Corn Vampire POWA
Sorry, MSPA references :D
Great job! It's so cuuuuute :meow:
binarystep's avatar
Beat me to it! XD
otaku-san1's avatar
I WANT TO USE ITT!!!!!! :heart: this is so CUTE!!!! :squee:
iCyprienne's avatar
Yumm, candycorn♥ I love it!
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