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Gel XP Blue For 7

By mini-slash
Gel XP Blue Substyle ported to windows 7

Read intructions before installing, otherwise the theme looks bad!

Permission Granted from dobee.

patched uxtheme required to use.

original GelXP here: [link]

Enjoy :)
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Hey man,there is a problem with this theme first when i instaled it it worked,and now when i changed to another and switch back to it it doesen't work anymore,can you tell me why please? i'm on 64 bit tough but i dont know did it worked the first time when i instaled it and now its not working
please help !!
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i can't download :(
gracias por el tema...
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It is a question of a virus that blocks access to my Windows 7 session.
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I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and my UXTheme is patched.
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Looks great but doesn't seem to work on Win7 X64. I faved anyways cause its awesome and deserves notoriety.
normally themes would have the ".theme" file in the "C:\windows\resources\Themes" folder and the ".msstyle" in the sub-folder. Does the instructions talk about putting the folder "GelXP Blue" in ""C:\windows\resources\Themes" which would mean that the ".msstyle" file would be under "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\GelXP Blue\GelXPBlue". Does this mean that the root of "C:\windows\resources\Themes" wouldn't have any files but only the folder named "GelXP Blue".

The reason for wanting to confirm is due to the fact that I am unable to to consistently get the preview as shown in the screenshot, it sometimes shows few other unknown themes and 1 messed up theme if I try applying it directly
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link for start orb? btw great theme!
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whats the explorer.exe for?
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Good theme broother
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Can anyone confirm if this works on 64-bit?
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Doesn't work. I still have blue drive bars rather than green as seen on the picture, and I have a Windows Basic theme now. Windows Basic buttons and Windows Basic... everything. Lost my Aero.

Somebody please help me. I use Uxtheme and Windows 7. Other themes like Vienna work fine.
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Can you give me the start button as a strip so I can use via windows 7 start button changer v 10?
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hey! i its for windows 7 but i can be use to windows xp because its more beautiful than gelxp for xp. . .

i can be use?
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Hmmm, when I try to use it, I get a non-Aero taskbar and only the wallpaper changes. Is it compatible with 64 bit?
dude i love it but i dont like it only cuz it doesnt have all the win7 features cuz its bassic
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yeah Im working on this now, and im making it aero compatible :)
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great shades of blue and green! this is beautiful! :)))
Really nice :)

Btw I wanted to ask did you hide the menu in the explorer folder (the one with the "Organize" and "System properties")

I reallllly want to know how to hide/remove it :)

Is it the skin that hides it or is it you changing a setting? if its a setting would you mind telling? :D
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Its in the Shellstyle.dll :)

not sure what exactly to do again but if you open my shellstyle and the default 7 shellstyle in notepad, im sure youll be able to find the difference between em :)
:( I tried looking through it but I couldnt remove the menu in any other skin.

I tried replacing huge amounts of text in some of them also.

For instance I tried to paste the line:

"<if mousefocused="false" mousewithin="false"><Element padding=\"rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,-28rp)\"/></if>\" after "<style resid="FolderBandStyle">"(in the same place as in your).

But no luck.

I replaced said text (and some other) in shellstyle.dll found in "shell/normalcolor"

Would it be possible for you to try to use another VS that someone else made and then tell me what lines you replace to make the menu hide?
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