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Eno For Windows 7

Eno For Windows 7:

. Original By =lassekongo83, Deviation Here: [link]

. To use this theme you must have a patched uxtheme.

. Check the document in the .zip file to enable the thin taskbar.

. Any bugs you come across please comment below with the word "Bug:" in front of your comment, then i can clearly pick them all out and fix them.

. If you like what you see please favourite the work, watch my profile and leave a comment.

. Enjoy and remember to visit =lassekongo83's profile, after all, he originally made this.


UPDATE 1: Most bugs fixed, New start menu and New Aero Styled Window.
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How do I install this? I don't get it
how to I install this? i don't get it
font is gray. no good
Y-N-1-F's avatar this named after Brian Eno, the experimental/electro-ambient artist? He's one of my favorites! Just curious.:D
One problem, when I use a Toolbar, the taskbar grows for no reason when I'm using small taskbar.

Any help?

You might think I'm not talking about the theme, but I am, so NO DIRTY COMMENTS!
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could you make it so it looks proper when you use a top taskbar?
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finally something that doesnt look like shit. you are my savior!
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What type of hack did you do to add the 22px taskbar? i would like to create a theme with a 22px taskbar on 7, but i cant seem to find anyone who knows. What type of res hack did you doo to add the 22px taskbar to the theme?
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in Windows Style Builder Go to Taskbar & System Tray>Taskband>Basic>Taskband(Small Icons)>TaskItemButton and change the CONTENTMARGINS:MARGINS From 10, 10, 7, 7 to 10, 10, 3, 3 :)
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thank you so, mush way easier than in vista... Had to res hack it in vista.
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I'm not too sure why, but I have everything patched and when I go to install your themes, your taskbar won't show up. It just turns into the classic theme with a huge border around it. What am I doing wrong?
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I had this problem too, I was using uxstyle (so this only applies to you if you use it) I simply uninstalled it and re-installed and they worked again. You also have to double-click the .theme rather than select it through windows.
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Bug: still have the standard windows "orb" after installation
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replace your explorer.exe with the one included :)
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Uh... how exactly do I do that? >_<
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Nice job on porting this, looks excellent, are you going to port Striped
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I'm loving this skin, especially the addition of the alternate taskbar with the borders to active items added.

Bug: However like `paroxysm and ~dknz there is strange padding issues with the top of explorer windows.
Also, you haven't stylised the Menu bar - File, Edit and so on in Explorer.
I also think that the menu bar should be styled since it is inconsistent with the rest of the visual style (and ugly in general :)
I got the theme to work, but I can't get the start button to look like yours. how do you do it?
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backup your original explorer.exe in C:\Windows and replace it with the included explorer.exe :)
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