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My payment rules and leasing rules are a WIP but my breeding terms are complete. However, these rules go for all my horses, not just EB's but please sign under the 'breeding term signatures' Comment below.

My Breeding Terms

* This does go for all of my horses! Just used EB's as and example!*
Bullet; White If you do not follow these rules you will simply not be able to breed with my horses and your name will be removed from the slot.
Bullet; Red If you decided to gift your slot to someone else, notify me. 
Bullet; Red If you do not wish to keep an offspring of one of my horses, note or tag me. If I do not wish to buy them back they may be sold to the public. 
Bullet; Red Link me the foal design for all foals. This will help me keep track of my horses offsprings. 
Bullet; Red I require you to check the lineage before I do a 'mate check'. I will double check the lineages. 
Bullet; Red I require 1 slot to any and all offspring of my horses. If I do not want it I will inform you.
Bullet; Red No designs such as calva should copy my EB's. Similar things are fine but no copying. 
Bullet; Red If I sell you a horse, do not turn around and sell them. Notify me via note if I would want them back. 
Bullet; Red If you buy a slot of one of my horses, a breeding image is REQUIRED. if its full body or headshot is up to you but I require a simple background breeding image. If you are a parent of the horse or did the reference (or i gifted a slot) then I do not require you to do a breeding Image. 
Bullet; Red No breeding horses long-lined horses to lower lined horses, for example, no breeding a 4th gen horse to my starter or 2nd gen. Preferably same gen or lower is only allowed unless my horse is a 4th gen + 

My Payment Rules 

Bullet; Red All Payments must be done within the given time.
Bullet; Red If you have issues come up to where you are unable to finish payment within the given time, notify me. I will extend it. 
Bullet; Red I will remove your name from the breeding slots if you do not finish your payment. 
Bullet; Red No premade lines or backgrounds are allowed. Unless for padros but please ask before hand. 
Bullet; Red All art must be made by you - no commissioned art. 
Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red 

Leasing Rules

Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red 
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Breeding term signatures
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I AlyssaChantre agree to these rules c:
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I, WalkingDeadStables , sign and adhere to these rules :3
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