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If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:

13 skins are included

Run iSteve.rmskin to install

I will write more after I have breakfast :)

White version will come later

Have a nice day

Some people asked me for wallpaper
I don't know what this wallpaper deviant on
I iust have uploaded on mediafire
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Thank you.!!
This is smooth & stylish, & helpful too.
Making a few modifications to work better on my dark backgrounds but, this is very nice work.!!
how to write the note?
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Could you do 4k version of skin? now it's too blurry
Thanks, that solved it.
Wonderful, I've used this for years, but now the weather doesn't work anymore...
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Super dope, man! Great work!
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hi  my name'Mourn Mey
hi, i am new here, don't know how to install this, if somebody help?
press the download button on the side of the picture
how do you change the location for the weather? It has some weird combination of letters and numbers in the variables.
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go to and type your city or zipcode into location area. then once your location's weather appears, copy and paste the weather code in the url into the spot of the ini that the current one is in. Make sure to remove the weather code that was in the ini by default. The weather code allows the skin to show the weather for your location. 
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this is a great skin! nice and clean, well done, you should make more UI's :)
Very nice skin...well done
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Ohhh Damm.. I thought this it was related to that " Steve " from FAMILY GUY...

Or else the Steve from Ragnarok Online game....

But.. ok.. :(
or even steve from minecraft...
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