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Windows Media Player for 8

A new concept for Windows Media Player in Windows 8
Thanks :iconevilbright: for wallpaper : [link]
Works on Photoshop CS5
Please don't copy it
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PSD file please? I could make a Xion media player theme out of it.
cái này là concept thôi à .Ko có bản mod sao hix 
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this is amazing shame it's not usable :llama:
try to make it dude! am waiting :DD
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Đẹp quá bác ơi :X. WMP trong win 8 chả có gì thay đổi hết, chán :(
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Bro if only Microsoft had hired people like you, win8 would not have sucked as much as it does, the interface that is. Thanks for your awesome work.
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It's funny but true, dude
I'm still using Windows 7
I greatly appreciate for your comment
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All good, thank you for your awesome work. It is funny how people are hacking win8 to look like win7. I have seriously never seen such an ugly interface, what where they thinking? And it is funny how they push their win8 on everyone with their adds and their, placing it on every device in the known universe. I mean, really, surely they would want to actually make money? Those guys who designed win 8 interface should be fired. Too much McDonalds I guess and not enough treadmill and creative energy. It really looks like someone got sick all over his shoes and then called it win8. It is like, "Oh, there is a carrot, lets call that ribbons, and look, there is a piece of corn, lets mix it all together and call it win8." Ha, ha, ha. Anyways, I will use win7 until they do something decent. I was even at the pc store the other day and all their laptops had win8 as standard. I told the guy that unless he places win7 Home Premium on it, I will not buy the laptop. Oh well, at least we have legends like you that can make it bearable.
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Yep, Microsoft designers really suck. :[
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and the link to download the skin? joy
nice work and concept i wish Microsoft adapt this into windows.
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that is very nice, but the windows 8 design go another way, more simple, a little bit creepy whit out glass surfaces
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you idea should be the new design for windows
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cool~ like very much
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Windows 8 có lẽ sẽ ko như thế này.!
Bác share source đi!
E nghĩ là AIMP có thể làm tốt điều này !
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I would love too see a UI like this. It's been my dream for a while now to make a good UI :D
WOW!Man LUV iT!!!
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it's perfect ! why none for win7 = =!
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man such a very creative design player i ever saw nice job :D !!
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Sure this is A LOT more cool than the original! Very nice!
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