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If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:

All of them are Rainmeter skin
Hope you like it
Leave comment if it has bugs
Credits to icon Artists
Special thanks to :iconvarelse42: for RSS Reader code
Wallpaper: Calm by `elusive

- Update x86 version for iFiles
- Fix IP for Network
© 2010 - 2021 minhtrimatrix
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Alus pisan mang...

Suggestion: make a Spotify widget.

Such a nice skin.

I already add to Rain, but cannot loading Weather, could u show me how to edit the location, plz? Thanks...

Weather is not working

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Kayak Habis Makan Mie Goreng

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its not a rainmeter file

how to apply the skin?

This is awesome, thanks!

Beautiful problem I cant seem to make the weather work

:) That's beautiful, thank you.:)

Great, Thanks

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That's amazing!
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Hey minhtrimatrix, this is still amazing in 2018 :)

Could you optionally add the minimum temperatures for each day ?
We would have the max temperatures (in your picture : 22°C, 33°C, 33°C), but below them, in smaller text, we would have the min temperatures for these same days (ex : 15°C, 21°C, 22°C)

I hope you can consider this. Thanks in advance !
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please check out my skins, too.
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Download link is 404...
Is their a function to display Disk space ?
How to install the skin
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