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Hi everyone! Thanks for supporting my Preview
Finally it's done
This is one of series Glass Rainmeter's skin from me
All of them are Rainmeter
Special thanks to :iconvarelse42: for RSS Reader code

*******HOW TO USE*******

1. AniDate: Show date, sleep, shut down, restart funtions & there is a circle spin around it.

2. Fusion: You can see Clock, Weather & CPU, RAM, SWAP status on this stuff, there are 3 skin: Glass, Dark & Light.
Default Temp is °C & my Location (Garland, TX), If you want change, go to this page: [link] to find your location, then open my .ini file, find Location=2408980 then replace it by yours, Unit= C (is °C) or F (is °F)

3. iFiles: these are new skins for Rainmeter, it can measure size folders, count items, it need a new plug-in FileListPlugin.dll (place it on Plugins directory), you can create another by yourself: just copy my skin, rename it, open .ini file, you will see
WildcardSearch=*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png;*.bmp ---> type of files
Path=E:\Pictures ---> place you want measure

4. MultiDock: a complicating dock, you can easy edit it as your wish, main screen that is your HDDs, there are 5 tabs & a back button to return mainscreen anytime you like
Remember edit for links

5. And many other stuffs... :D

Wallpaper: Actually not mine, I just edit from this [link]
And special thanks Artist's Icons

For full review: [link]

Update1: there are 2 version for iFiles (x86) & (x64)
-Blank .PSD for Multidock [link]
-A longer indicator for Gmail [link]
© 2010 - 2021 minhtrimatrix
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Dont download....Malware found in ZIP folder....



Nice work, thanks for sharing

Weather info on Fusion doesn't work anymore as the weather API for yahoo is inaccessible.

Here's an example of a new weather report for Garland:…

You can check the result by navigating to the link.
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Thanks. This is awesome!!!!
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I'd like to change the time to 12-hour format. How would one change this so it is not 24-hour format?
is this working on windows7?
i cant seem to find the setup file in the files, what up help over here
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nice work love it <3 
weather wont show
. pls help
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is this working on windows 10 ?
and what is the program that used to run the theme ? rainmater ?
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Yes, It works and im running Windows 10. and yes it requires Rainmeter.
Ayyy! Garland represent! Weird to see someone else from here randomly.
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Anyone still using this skin that can be of assistance? 
Yes i can, maybe... Im still using it, but i have a problem that the weather doesn't show under the clock. But with the rest i ve maanged to almost completely edit it.

Tell me how can i assist you
fuck nnot working
How can I install those folder to rainmeter?
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hi, how can i change icons and file names?
and, i can't see how much items and size
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