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Daily Deviation
December 26, 2011
Radiance by ~minhtrimatrix Simple and stylish VS for Windows 7.
Featured by Alexander-GG
Suggested by 666ANIME
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If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:

Update 6 (1/11):
- Very small update to fix an error for Shutdown button on start Menu for people who don't use English version

Update 5 (1/10):
- Added start orb
- Fixed some bug and glitches
- Fixed font face on Firefox
- Thumbnail was fixed also
Please remember these: I WILL NOT AND NEVER CREATE

Update 4 (1/9):
- Added more 3 caption button versions (Brick, Color, and Nude)
- Added more styles for Taskbar Location:
+ Radiance: Taskbar at bottom with Dock style
+ Radiance 2: Taskbar at bottom with Normal style
+ Radiacne 3: Taskbar on top with Normal style
- Fixed some bug and glitches
- explorer.exe is no longer crashing when moving Taskbar around
- Removed "Windows 8" word
- Removed Windows logo from Taskbar
- New style for Shutdown button
- Segoe UI is now the main font

Update 3 (12/26):
- Fix some minor glitches
- I make some more choices for you with 5 caption button versions (Aero, Pill, Sphere, Square, and Sunken). I hope you like them.



Update 2 (12/24):
- Fix some wrong color resources in Start Menu
- Fix a small bug at Shutdown button

Update 1 (12/24):
- Fix critical problem when apply theme on Windows 7 32bit system
- If you get trouble when moving Taskbar icons to center check out video "How to modify the Taskbar" here: [link]

- Follow this tutorial to change your Taskbar like the preview [link]
- For the best result please set your Taskbar on bottom and Combined mode for Taskbar buttons
- Report bugs if you find them

[How to install]
1. Install Universal Theme Patcher, re-patch again if you updated to SP1.
2. Copy everything in themes folder into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
3. Restart Windows & then select this theme in Personalize Menu
4. Use "Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer" to change BMPs for explorerframe.dll
5. Use "Windows 7 Start Button Changer" to change Start orb

[Deviations used in the preview]
HDRV+ (from [link]
Rosemary [link]
Pink [link]

WinThunder [link]
iCrea [link]
ServianaGetPlus The Icon [link]

[Thanks and Credits]

:iconcu88: :iconap-graphik: :iconfruitpunch1: :icondanielnet: :icondraseart: :iconkatz93: :iconhpluslabels:
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Vikkingita's avatar

This theme but in wondows 10? I remmeber that I used to have this in my old computer and I Loved it. I'm in love with your work

after a years still hope for ur new themes :))

Beyond19's avatar
This theme is great but before I submit bug reports are you even still active and would you fix them?
p0ly3000's avatar
Wow, looks awesome these titlebars! Heart 
Maybe can you make some AeroGlass ThemeAtlas themes like this? Hug…
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eXticey's avatar
I miss your themes so much, the Windows 10 scene for themes looks really lackluster :/
mthej's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing ^^
Zakka28's avatar
work. thanks!!:happybounce: 
fiberbyte's avatar
Nastavi da čitaš ili ćeš umreti za 7 dana.Jednog dana mala Corine vudela ja na fejsu ovaj tekst,pročitala je,ali nije obraćala pažnju.Kad je bio 6.dan noću legla je.Sutradan je njena mama došla da je probudi jer je morala u školu samo je vrisnula Corine je bila mrtva.Pošalji ovo na 15 komentara i živećeš.

cbsso's avatar
very nice
thank you so much for sharing
Customs-n-Randomness's avatar
WOW!!! This is BEAUTIFUL!!  You got me wishing there was a Windows 10 TH2 port of this theme!  Great work on this one! Emoticon: Washington's Mind = Blown 
mavuonglau's avatar
A ơi a có thể teamview cài giúp e được ko? E ko thể cài được. Nhìn Theme a làm đẹp quá :)
Nếu được thì a giúp e với. Thanks a trước.
Links fb của e :
ioutgame's avatar
beautiful theme.!!
tari7's avatar
Best theme for windows 7! Thank you !!!
rebelane's avatar
wow Superman  ..... Any plans to port this to 8.1? :D
SmArT-1's avatar
is there a win8.1 version of this theme ?
realy i like its cooooooooooool
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