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If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:

Special thanks to Artist of this picture [link]
My idea based on that a lot
This skin took me a long time to finish

- All glass skin (best for Windows 7)
- Round Cover
- Round Progress bar
- There is a special Effect when changing track

Hope you like it
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This skin is really fantastic! I´d love to have that spinning effect at the start all the time.
Can you please tell me how to do that?
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After looking into this for you Opedeldok, and for anyone else, if you open the skin.ini, scroll down to the section [SpecialEffect] and change the option EffectStyleIdx=1 That should make it so that it spins when it is playing and not when it's stopped. Also, for anyone trying to install the skin and having troubles, you want to place the whole folder into "%APPDATA%\CD Art Display\Skins\"
Thank you very much, it works.
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como lo descargo
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How does it work?
Its just a zip file
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I love all the things you made! They are so great, so amazing!
it's very nice but it's doesint work with me :(
como lo descargo de urgencia!!!!!!!!!!!!
como lo descargo
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bị lỗi rồi anh ơi
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sorry ,CD Art Display ......
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for what player?
muy bueno se agradese y saludos ....
very cool...really i like it.....
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bị lỗi rồi bạn ơi :(
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wow that's so beautiful
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