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Leo's Revenge Aero

If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:

[Update 2]
- Fix Thumbnails on Taskbar

[Update 1]
- Add new style for Default Push Button.
- Replace Show Desktop Button to solve problem for Resolution under 1680x1050.
- Redo Caption Button for more accuracy.
- Flash Button on Taskbar
- Change Boxes > ComboBox > ReadOnly
- Add Orb + UserFrame bitmap for explorer.exe in Systemfile folder

Aero Style on Leo's Revenge [link]


There are 2 version for Taskbar: Aero & Solid
Choose right version for Taskbar positions

How to change UserFrame:
Use Restorator open your explorer.exe and change 7013.bmp

How to install:
1. Tunr UAC off and install Universal Theme Patcher
2. Extract the content into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
3. Take Ownership of explorerframe.dll in System32, explorer.exe in Windows folder.
4. Copy the appropriate explorerframe.dll, explorer.exe to replace the original!. Make sure to make a backup of the original files.
5. Restart Windows & then select this theme in Personalize Menu

Deviants used in the preview:
Wallpaper October by ~hombre-cz [link]
Icons by AP-GRAPHIK [link] & SoundForge [link]

MoonGlow (Rainmeter skin) [link]
NorthStar (Dock skin) [link]

Another nice themes:
Frost Aero [link]
Luna [link]
Nordstrom [link]

And more in my Gallery

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Does this still work on the latest version of win 10?

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thank you for the beautiful theme!
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sak Themes đẹp quá bác minhtri ! nice work ! Love 
Minhtrimatrix là người Việt Nam?
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how to change the harddrive ICON
very nice...great layout
can any one tell me what mistake i have done.... my preview of windows here [link]
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One of the best themes ever! You are a great designer!:+fav:
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So happy to heard that :D
Awesome theme for girls, well thats my opinion, but ofc everyone can use it :)
lâu rồi sao k thấy có theme gì mới nữa vậy anh?
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Đẹp thật bác ợ...!
Cho mình mượn theme này làm ghost nhé...! thank...![link]
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very good Work :D I'm using it right now
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Excellent! +
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bác ra thêm ver font bình thường như update mới nhất của elune đi ạ :(
font bé quá :(
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