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Leo's Revenge

If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:

Update 1:
Add image User Frame for Start menu
Use Restorator to change it

How to install
1. Install Universal Theme Patcher, make sure that UAC must be turned off
2. Extract the content into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
3. Take Ownership of explorerframe.dll in System32, explorer.exe in Windows folder and copy the appropriate explorerframe.dll, explorer.exe to replace the original!. Make sure to make a backup of the original in case of instability.
4. Restart Windows & then select this theme in Personalize Menu

Deviants used in the preview:
Wallpaper In the field III by ~hombre-cz [link]
Icons by AP-GRAPHIK [link] & SoundForge [link]

MoonGlow (Rainmeter skin) [link]
NorthStar (Dock skin) [link]

Another nice themes:
Frost Aero [link]
Luna [link]
Nordstrom [link]

And more in my Gallery


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I can't download themes, admin, please tell me how? thank you.
Sorry if this is really obvious but how come the theme doesn't present itself in the personalization folder?
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can somebody help me install? i dont understand the way he said it.
ozl's avatar
Thanks! xD
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Can I uste this great theme to make my new Eleven VS ?
Nice theme and I'm using it as well as Moon Glow. ;) But because I'm using a non-aero version of Windows, the taskbar is just plain gray. Can you please make a version with no aero needed? Like in your Frost VS? Thank you. :)
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i hate the taskbar... have a bugs
ARTdorkette's avatar
Freaking awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee .
atuan1993's avatar
em ko thấy file explorer.exe anh ơi
Ngaihte's avatar theme
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Possible method of installation pictures :please:
cmzx2phat's avatar
hey bro, i've been download the zip file. but i can't find explorer exe on the file and folder
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Hey mate, you made some great themes, I love them, but where is the download link ? Sorry for the question .
heath28m's avatar
Like the Taskbar.. rest is too MacOSX-ish for my taste..but regardless.. it looks excellent..
ThePf7's avatar
Everything you do looks great :headbang:
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Merci Pour Ce Beau Thème Je les vite adopté :D
minhtrimatrix, j'aime beaucoup tes œuvres je te souhaite une bonne continuation pour la suite
grâce a tes talents j'ai commencer a me mettre dans les thèmes rainmeter merci beaucoup :D
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Looks amazing. Any chance you could make a CustoPack for it?

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great theme dude :thumbsup:
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