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Based on Arkan Tab by ~aidaaah

Skin contains:
- Clock & Weather (like HTC Hero)
- Photos SlideShow
- System Resources
- System Info
- Network Info
- Drive Info
- Wallpaper: LeoX Wallpaper by ~sword1ne [link]

Right-click at x to close
Comment If You Like It

NOTE: a fixed version for ClockWeather's released, You can find it here [link]
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Just installed it and love it. Very nicely done. :heart:

I've downloaded and will try an install, Thanks in advance , Theme looks awesome

everything works but the weather, I went in an changed what i had to in the settings an it still doenst show the weather, not sure what is wrong.

làm sao tải?

Appreciate your work. Great Job!!!

how to instal it

Am new to this how do you change the state info from tx to where I am

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lam  sao de download vay ban minhtri ??
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Media player?
DJMDC's avatar
Is there anyway to make the over clock and Info bars smaller?
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how to use skin
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Good job bro ^^ Thanks my friend
Very clean and clear. Excellent work <3
tải về nhưng cài đặt như thế nào vậy bạn ?
rồi làm sao nữa bác ơi
how can i download it...
I love that theme... i cannot find the word office icons.. would love to see them... Thank You!
Anh có thể cho em biết làm cách nào để add ảnh vào Photos SlideShow không ạ ,Tks  a!
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