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Glass them all

Glass them all (Rainmeter):

-Photos link
-My computer
-Recycle Bin
-Power Panel
-2 fonts: eight one, Aerovias Brasil NF


-Weather: change your code location at "dest=" & your city name at "City-Name", 1 for °C, 0 for °F at "SCALE", you can see what time to sunset & sunrise on my Weather panel too
-Clock & Driver: best for set at rightside, click to jump to Date & Time, D:\, F:\...
-My Computer & Recycle Bin, Internet: monitor your system, click at icons to jump to C:\, Recycle Bin, rightclick to emty trash
-Photos Link: open *.ini & edit its link to your Photos Library
-Power Panel: included Shutdown, Restart & Stand by
-Dock: open *.ini & edit its link to your favorite apps
-Start: open *.ini & edit its link to openstartmenu.exe
© 2009 - 2021 minhtrimatrix
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please make video to how to add it and give link...please..........

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Ciamiikkk Bro....Wonderfull.

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Strat funktion PROBLEME, windows 10 Fall.
cara ndonwnloadnya bagaimana? Trim's
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......:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Clap Clap Clap 
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wow... nice... but how?
how to launch it? why the theme isn't same with this picture
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How use app Weather? I can't use it.
Wallpaper pls
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The link you gave to find the weather code, [link], is broken. Is there still a way to use the weather skin? How else can I find my code? Thanks
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down ve nhu the nao
Can't use start button even edited link ?
thời tiết chỉnh như nào hả bạn ?
E down về rùi mà ko bít cách sài a oi ai chỉ e zới
bạn ơi. mình thì k thấy chỗ để dow. bạn chỉ mình với
có j liên hệ nick face mình nha
Very good skin. where it might obtain icons as these of Microsoft Office. Thanks
bỏ hết mấy cái dấu x đi mới hoàn chỉnh, nhìn mấy cái dấu x đó chướng mắt lắm
cho minh hoi lam sao thay doi icon " computer , network , recycle...tren desktop vay " voi laj wallpaper mik hok bik cach lam` T.T
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