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Daily Deviation
Daily Deviation
August 23, 2010
you can expect sheer and exquisite quality when you download and use any of ~minhtrimatrix' work. Frost for 7 is just one example of the pure digital brilliancy in this deviant's work, which you can apply to your desktop for a phantastic new workflow experience.
(suggested by *esi0n and *0ctans)
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Frost Aero



If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:

[Update 3]
Add one more Orb for Small Taskbar

[Update 2]
As many theme lovers request, Frost Aero was added
Hope you like it

Fix some problems with Taskbar
New style for ShowDesktop Button
It is possible to use Small Icons & Non-Combine Mode
Add new option for SearchBox

Font in theme:
Corbel [link]

Bottom & Top Taskbar are recommended
Every theme has 2 sub themes (with & without SearchBox)
Please choose the correct theme to match with Taskbar Positions

How to install
1. Install Universal Theme Patcher, make sure that UAC must be turned off
2. Extract content (*.theme & Frost folder) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
3. Take Ownership of explorerframe.dll in System32, explorer.exe in Windows folder and copy the appropriate explorerframe.dll, explorer.exe to replace the original!. Make sure to make a backup of the original in case of instability.
4. Restart Windows & then select this theme in Personalize Menu

Deviants used in the preview:
iDrops by ~nyolc8 [link]
Enclosed by ~Big-sb [link]
Icons by AP-GRAPHIK [link] & SoundForge [link]

MoonGlow (Rainmeter skin) [link]
NorthStar (Dock skin) [link]
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