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True Flat

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Last my visual style had a lot of shadows, this time let it be Flat, and here's what I got.

If you like my work add +fav, if you want more give me watch :) (Smile) 

HIGH DPI not supported !!!


UxStyle                                uxstyle.com/
Ribbon disabler                   winaero.com/comment.php?commen…
TinyWindowsBorders           winaero.com/comment.php?commen…


Patch your system with UxStyle.
Move theme to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
Disable ribbon with Ribbon disabler.
Use TinyWindowsBorders and set border pading to 0, click apply.
Apply theme.

 Initial Release

 Fixed windows border color

If you share my theme to other websites please add link to this page.

I am not responsible for the world end, mistakes in this description or any your computer damage!!!! 
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yazanoo14Hobbyist Digital Artist
Does it support Windows 7 ??
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thats my favorite skin for windows 8 and 8.1 ... i use to this them about entire year ... but after upgrading to win10 i lost this theme and its so bad for me cuz i love ur work <3 is ther any way to porting this one for win10 ?
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Any way to change the colors? I would like to customize this theme. It is very well done, I just don't like the color scheme. Thanks!
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RDSyafriyar2000Hobbyist General Artist
You should use OldNewExplorer instead. It is a great and safer alternative to Ribbon Disabler. www.msfn.org/board/topic/17037…
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very nice theme, I like the UI , as mentionned below the only problem is the background on windows' names.
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Matching Firefox theme?
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Having a problem, when for example I open a folder, and it's running on the ground, there's a grey box around the name in the title bar, see screenshot:


Anyone has an idea on how to fix this?
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ground = background
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Aero Glass will help you.
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I gotta give props to you for making the installation so clear and providing very informative pictures. No adds or false bullshit. Genuine Theme. Great work man.
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ShangShan3Student Digital Artist
Hi, you've made a great theme bu I have a question, how did you get rid of the grey bar that appears when you change the context menu background color ?
You can see it it here : sta.sh/01r14a3bd0nf
Thank's in advance if you can help me :)
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minht11Hobbyist Interface Designer
I assume you are using Windows Style Builder 
Fonts, Colors, & System Metrics > Fonts & System Metrics > Menu color 
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ShangShan3Student Digital Artist
Oh, didn't think it can be here, thank's !
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NeutralZeroZxHobbyist Interface Designer
Its a great theme really, the only problem is it is only available in one color, luckily I have read the comments bellow and decide to use Resource Hacker to change the color, still not the best after changing the color, it would be nice if you had offered multicolor.

My suggestion is if you ever make a V2 of this theme, try to keep it using a single color scheme, and offer variations in the form of the official Windows Phone 8 Colors : www.creepyed.com/wp-content/up…
Also I kind of like the original Windows 8 Close button, Minimize and Maximize buttons, these are smaller and I actually find my self
sometimes closing the windows when trying to maximize them, maybe just edit the default ones to match the color scheme.

Other than that, its an amazing theme, I am going to use it all the time until you make something even better, keep up the great work! :D
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minht11Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks for your suggestions :) I was using blue from this website and green from older android.com, I wasn't using metro guidelines just wanted create "sharp" theme which I could use every day (which still using) without requiring run many programs. Maybe next year I create V2, but it's big maybe, now I am working with other project but if inspiration come...
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NeutralZeroZxHobbyist Interface Designer
Well it is still a great theme even if I had to change a few things. I look forward to other themes you are working on.
Until then, keep up the great work ;)
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Sorry to be "that guy" but I'm a total noob at this.  Can I have some kind of "total noob tutorial"?

I downloaded UxStyle, and rebooted.  Then I downloaded this skin and got a .rar file.  I put that file in the Themes folder.  Now what?  How do I get this to alter my screen?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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minht11Hobbyist Interface Designer
extract content and open theme folder. There you see True flat.theme and True flat(folder), move them to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes now go to personalize and apply theme. After that disable ribbon with Ribbon disabler.Use TinyWindowsBorders to set border pading to 0, click apply
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Great!  Thanks!  I have it mostly working.  A few questions/concerns:

1) Is there a way to change it from the green color to a custom color?  What if I want blue?  Is this an easy fix or something too complex?
2) In an inactive window, the header words are highlighted with a lighter gray than the border.  Is there something I messed up?  Or is this supposed to happen like this?
3) Do you have a Google Chrome theme that matches?  If not, you should look into it. =)
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minht11Hobbyist Interface Designer
1 Its possible only if you blue you need edit images inside theme
2 Thats windows bug if you want get rid of that you need Aero glass
3 I do not have Chrome theme
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Stunning theme. One question though: is it just me, or when a system notification is being triggered (for example: someone writes on skype) the icon does not flashing on the taskbar (in orange by default)?
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minht11Hobbyist Interface Designer
Windows uses transparent images in taskbar to use hover glow if I wanted get rid of that I needed use solid image this also hides flash becouse it s under image drive.google.com/file/d/0By7Cm…  zoom to see better 
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