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Sun Is Shining

"Then you came my way on a winter's day
Shouted loudly come out and play
Can't you tell I got news for you
Sun is shining and so are you

And we're gonna be alright
Dry your tears and hold tight
Can't you tell I got news for you
Sun is shining and so are you"

Axwell /\ Ingrosso - Sun Is Shining

When i'm uninspired, i look out for song/tracks, and it really helped :D
Found this amazing song while watching some Ultra Music Festival (UMF 2016). Actually, i've started making this wallpaper about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but i couldn't find a good inspiration or something to blend well with the wallpaper, so i left it untouched. After listening to the track, this one is finished. Hope you guys like it :D

My destiny (fluttershy) by nekonyaru
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Love that quote and those shapes/effects!! :D Wonderful concept here with Fluttershy.
I'd have liked it better with more colorfulness, but nothing I can't adjust by raising color saturation ^^
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Well, if you saw the music video, you can see the visuals and the music style in the video are mostly with light and bright color (the sun). So i left the color on the wallpaper like that, my main purpose is to focus on making something shiny and bright. I didn't want to raise the saturation, because it will made the wallpaper look darker, and it won't suit the whole concept anymore (perhaps you tried and you saw the result ^^)

But thanks for the supportive comment anyway Makenshi, i'm really appreciated :D
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I did, and saved my own version into my picture folder, with raised color saturation :) Here's how it looks :
But don't worry, I actually raise the saturation and color-correct to my own taste ALL the pictures that I save into my MLP picture folder XD Which is now 20GB with 8221 pictures in it right now, haha. So yes, that does take a lot of time too, especially considering how active I'm on DA and how many artists I follow and how many artworks I save... but I gotta prefer it when it's more colorful ^^ Hay, I even watch the MLP episodes with raised color saturation!! XD Some people think I'm crazy or that it hurts their eyes, but I personally like it ^^
And yeah I figured that you thought of sticking to a certain concept, that's great ^^
minhbuinhat99's avatar
You're right, that did hurt my eyes. Maybe it's just that, i don't prefer picture with too bright and too high saturation (LoL)

Btw, 20GB of picture? Dem, you're REALLY an art appreciator.... :D
Makenshi179's avatar
Heheh, yep ^.^
I thought of sharing that folder online for those who'd be interested (and who wouldn't mind all the colorfulness, lol) but putting 20GB online will be quite a daunting task, haha XD
minhbuinhat99's avatar
Ikr (LoL)

But instead of uploading all 20GB at the same time, why don't you try uploading 1GB at a time. It will be much easier, i think ;)
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Yeah that's what I will do I think ^^
minhbuinhat99's avatar
Glad you like it :D
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