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Now That I've Found You

[EDIT]Added a little blur to the vector and the clouds

"Flashback to the time in your life
When you thought it would be easy
But it's hard when you're take on the world alone

The one shot that you fire at the sky
Hoping someone else can see it
Just a sign that you're not out there on your own

We come one tonight
I've been waiting for your wake up call
Growing stronger now
I can hear it in a thunderstorm

We sing, oh oh oh oh oh
I don't want to do this without you
Oh oh oh oh oh
I won't let go now that I've found you

Now that I’ve found you"

Martin Garrix - 'Now That I've Found You (feat. John & Michel)'

I gotta say, playing with sky landscape is way more better than playing with mountains or grounds one :D
Martin Garrix's tracks has always inspiring me with their beat and rhythms. But 'til this track? It's something different, specially the beat drop. So i couldn't resist myself making a pony wallpaper to describe my best feeling for this track. By far, i think "Now That I've Found You" is the best track by Martin, and yep, it's also my best inspiraion. I'm really proud of this one. Hope you guys feel the same way, too :D

The Back of Loyalty by birthofthepheonix

Clouds 014 and Clouds 13 by rushpoint-stock
Cloud Stock 18 by Nikkayla
Stock 629 by leeroi1-stock
dark sky by koko-stock
(Think i'm a little too overloaded with these cloud stocks xD)

Castle by LilyStox
big rock at sea by welder-stock
Stock used  as the "tree" part of the big rock under the castle

Blue Cloud Planet 2.0 and Blue Marble Planet by Fragile-stock

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You just got a watch! (^u^)
This is so epic!
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Appreciate it. Thank you!
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I'm getting a G1 vibe from this wallpaper.
minhbuinhat99's avatar
You do? That's pretty awesome :D
Maybe because of the track made you feel that way?
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I remembered a 2-parter from My Little Pony and Friends (can't quite remember Part 2) about a castle in the sky that flew away, pretty damn fast, if you got too close.  And if you managed to get on, it had a sea creature guarding the moat and a dragon guarding the open areas.

This wallpaper gave me that immediate vibe when I saw it.
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Quite a coincidence, don't you think ? I mean, i'm just only inspired from the track, but you got the vibe from the previous show of MLP, and that's really meaningful to me. Who knows a single wallpaper can give the viewers a 2-way vibe :D
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That's really interesting wallpaper :D
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Glad you like it :D
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"Now that I've found you, I'm going to hug you, snuggle you, *insert actions here*" -InsertWaifuHere

Awesome! Aaaaaaaaaaa
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Stick to the track plz xD

And yep, it's awesome (LoL)
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Amazing song indeed... and wallpaper! Epic work!
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Appreciated the comment Makenshi. Thank you :D
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Glad you like it :)
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