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Yep, still got alot to practice (feel like a beginner again :p)

Okay, so this one started out as a inspiration from this work Monody by DrakeSparkle44. Gave me a few ideas to practice with "photo manipulation" (or at least that what i call). And yep, i think i'm pretty happy with what i got after 2.5 hours of aadakjfalfhasldjaklsd....

Vector: Twilight Sparkle 48 by EStories 
Right Mountains
Left Mountains

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P/S: Idk if this is the best, or the worst wallpaper i've ever done.... 
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I see that I can download this image in FHD (1920x1080), but... do you have Retina size (2560x1600)? I really want to set this image as a wallpaper on my Macbook ;)
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I’m afraid that I don’t have a higher resolution for this as i only made it on a FHD document. 
Still, glad you liked it ;)
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This actually works really well on my desktop, for when I need something darker. It's very peaceful to look at ^_^
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Appreciate it, thanks alot :)
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at least it's better than mine
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Love it! This feels more like an "enhanced PIRL" than a wallpaper imo, but it sure is great too!! And are those... circular meteor shower threads in the sky? Interesting concept... ^^
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Well, i tried my best to make it look like a wallpaper. But yep, nothing more than a PIRL xDD

But thank you anyway, i'm appreciated :D
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It's not the best wallpaper you make, but it is good anywaynot sure if 
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Thanks :D

Maybe it's because this is the first time i've ever done this type of wallpaper
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