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Making this one was a really good experience. And i'm pretty happy with the result in the end.
Another combining many pictures into one. Hope you guys like it :D

And you might want to download for full detail. The preview is really small.

The Queen of the Night by Equestria-Prevails

Premade Foggy by desideriasp-stock
Cloud Stock 18 by Nikkayla
dark sky by koko-stock

Background (Moon) by FaniIoanna
Blue Cloud Planet 2.0 by Fragile-stock
Night Sky Texture by desideriasp-stock

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Once beaten me with this gorgeous wallpaper
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We're both making wallpapers just for fun, right? So i don't think it matters if someone's art is better than someone, as long as they both make arts for people to enjoy ;)

Btw your wallpapers still get me, like a lot ^^
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A 1080p gif? I don't think my laptop can take it :p
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mp4 or webm has replaced gif now anyway :P
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I think he meant for a glitchy wallpaper, but how can my laptop take it lol
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The depth in this is beyond epicness (O.O)
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Glad you like it :D
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nice, I like her eye glowing
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Wow, I love the integration with the environment! :D
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Thank you kindly Makenshi ^^
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Awesome. I've always been a night owl and this one is perfect!!!
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So have one xD
And thanks ;)
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Very nice work, i love Luna :3
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Impressive. It's so good to see how you're improving.
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