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it was day 6 of there campaign that they fireguard out that steal was not a good insulator .

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wow,so chilly and wintry
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 Excellent Work!
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this horse has something in common with this guy…
also great composition and perspective and the proportions of the men are good
very skilled i couldnt do this but i could paint a better horse
but flaws make a painting its not human without
so well done
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Could this be a scene located somewhere in Sweden?
I.. Wow.. I just love it. 
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Wow! What amazing work, wonderful!! Congratulations talent.
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I love the atmosphere -- I can just feel the cold and the damp.
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beautiful war horse. Great work mingrutu =)
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amazing work! :)
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Excellent work!!!
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so much going on realy great detail. love the scene.
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Awesome! I like a lot the light and palette, and the brush strokes. Well, everything actually >< Looks really cool
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Fantastic. The perspective, colors, and detail (especially with the armor) is superb. This reminds me of a scene from a movie, and it could almost pass for a photo. Great work!
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It looks amazing, except for one thing :D The horse's eyes are too low on the head, they should be where the silver helmet thingie is :D
Love the colors used.
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Thank you!I will spend more time on drawing animals monsters.Maybe I will fix these mistake in future.
HijikataToshizo's avatar
You're welcome :D Glad I could help :)
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It reminds me a great deal of the artwork found in the Game of Thrones, Board game/RPG/art book.

I am not saying that you copied and I am most likely mistaken, but the similaries are there.

Anyway it is a great piece of art, even if it is must training.
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Thanks ! I like the song of ice and fire so much.
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