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Teashop painting

Aaaaand another fanart of the avatar finale, because I liked the epilogue so much. And the clothing designs :)

Just testing out some cool photoshop brushes.

Avatar the last airbender © Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
Photoshop, texture from ro-stock
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© 2008 - 2021 ming85
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Ah, everyone is finally happy, and it makes me happy<3

This wonderful! It is wonderful tribute to time when heroes of avatar fun in uncle tea shop. I honor to see it. I forever be thankful to see it. You bring happiness to others by making it. I know if read my comment and makes happy than I should be honor. Just know if you do future art do on avatar will be most welcome because your art is treasure that live people hearts forever.
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This perfectly captures the mood of the final scene :heart:
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That's lovely 💚, I love the ending
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green... veeery green...  Cat nods 
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this is so pretty!!
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THIS IS SO AWESOMELY DRAWN AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY. The finale made it canon that everybody visits Iroh's tea shop! And just hangs out and stops worrying about world-saving! Iroh can be a friend/fatherperson to everybody forever! Sokka ...

... I firmly believe Sokka's version of this drawing was still terrible and you just ... found and improved it. I value Sokka's terrible drawing but this picture could not be left out of my favorites.

(Side note: Zuko looks ... cute? Which is quite weird? He can occasionally look Byronically handsome but not ... cute ...)

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And Suki says, "Why did you paint me firebending?"
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Avatar Forever!
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Great art! This is conclusion of Avatar the last air bender.
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This is breathtaking, seriously, amazing. Great work!
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I remember this. 

I loved how they ended the show, and you did it justice. :) 
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old painting styles, you gotta love them
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That's REALLY good. :3 Try drawing some from "The Legends of Kora"! (Sorry if you already did/Have.)

Wah! Aang's Arrow is the wrong color!

So good though... OuO
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"And they all lived happily ever after. Except Azula. Her brain is in more pieces than Humpty Dumpty."

Nice photo, man.
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And she killed Kenny, that bastard
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Ley me tell ypu this is the most beautiful picture I saw from the ATLA Epilogue ever. IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!
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This is so sweet. I love the details, colouring, expressions, poses, lighting and just the sweetness in general.
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I love this so much! I've actually printed it out and have it on my wall uwu (Hope that's fine with you.. c: )
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look at how adorable they look aw :love: 
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