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Rookie classes 2

Designs for the two other basic classes, Witch and Hunter. Basic classes have the potential to develop into loads of specialized classes. Tried to make them look more 'neutral' and younger. : )

Designed for the game Sacred Seasons 2.
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My Favorite Classes :P
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Aw, the witch looks really cue! :heart:
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You did a wonderful job on this picture!! I know how hard it is to draw something like this!! I want to comment on you did a beautiful job and don't stop drawing!! ^^!!

Miyaaki!! ^^!!
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Epic and awesome :3
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Epic and awesome :3
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Awesome design. =) I especially like the witch one.
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I LOVE character classes! These are very good.
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Lovely designs, especially the witch. :)
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Are you and Frog Billgo workin on the same project?
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Haven't heard of that name, but it's a big team so could be :)
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oh Ryan, yes! :)
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Cool!!! how long have you been working on SS2?
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about half a year in 2008 for Sacred Seasons 1, and since aug 2009 for SS2 ^^
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cool. How did you land that gig? I am an aspiring concept artist so it is always interesting to hear how people got their big break.
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sorry can't help you with any tips there. They contacted me first :)
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i would love to play that hunter
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wow .. that looks great ! Hunter is my favorite XD
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hunter's cool keep on simple ^__^
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I love these designs, they're so inspired!
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Simpel (nou ja, in a good awesome stylised way :) yet very effective!
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