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Hanbok girls

A doodle inspired by the traditional Korean dress, done for a big Hanbok post I did on my Livejournal.

I a big fan of the shape and colors of these dresses! [link]

The bottom one is a more modern re-design based on the fantastic elegant gowns by fashion designer Lee Young Hee. (More on her here, it will your eyes pop!)
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Hanboks are so pretty,I'd like to try one on!
xXNike-KovadrinXx's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful!
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Your gallery is super amazing. I'm obsessed!
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the way you paint it wouah it's so peaceful the colors the pose i don't have word's to expresse the feeling great job

¨¨ please check out my gallery

and if you like it don't forget to let a comment
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Beautiful colors and wonderful poses.
Britt315's avatar
Gosh beautiful colors!:D I love the painting style! And for some reason my favorite part of this is the way the bottom one's arm is resting on the yellow dress!:la:
This amazing! Really You are so talented!:la:
ming85's avatar
Thanks :) that arm gave me a very hard time, made it way too long at first and then had to do several mirror checks to get the weight and foreshortening right..
Britt315's avatar
your so very welcome!:aww:
Gosh i can't get over that arm!:love: haha it's amazing!:aww:
lececile's avatar
Amazing work! I love the bright colors
ming85's avatar
thank you! don't cry!! :)
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OH GOD :heart: This, as well as your other hanbok doodles, have inspired me to abandon my previous projects and draw a hanbok picture of my own :lol:

Gorgeous work as always, and I love the brighter and more "unusual" colors used here :heart:
ming85's avatar
Thanks, the unusual colours is something I wanted to emphasize in here so happy you noticed!
iEnchantment's avatar
So colourful o: It looks so affective with no lineart xD
Love it! I'm living in Korea now. The girls here are beautiful and dress so fashionably. But I have to say, there's something especially flattering and attractive about a modest traditional hanbok.
ming85's avatar
My thoughts exactly, though I do love the super fancy and modern ones too :) Thanks!
BugleMan-Snow's avatar
Colouring and expressions are amazing. :D
I would LOVE to have a t-shirt with this picture on it!
gnomgnomgnom's avatar
the huge wigs always scared me >_<
ayuICHI's avatar
Super cute and lovely. <3 I love the hanbok, too! :3
kyaaa, dresses~ So elegant!
shnatalie's avatar
i really love the colors in this one. and the expressions, and designs, and everything else : )
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coming from a Korean, just wow. love it!
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Great compliment coming from you! Thanks!!
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