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Excellent Style!
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Love this design so this day :)
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pretty awsome i like this, 100+
xxTeutonic-Knightxx's avatar
Great work, I do not know if the armor is very historically accurate but the hair style is believe it or not.  Troops and Knights did not have long hair as it could be pulled in battle.  The most popular hair cute in those times was the Undercut for both troops and knights. 
Essayel's avatar
I love the detail of battering on the breastplate.
Aeromancer93's avatar
Nice armor design
Cialmci's avatar
to me, this knight looks like he lives in a cold region of the world.  I get that feeling from the dark, worn out feeling of his armor along with his fur-lined shoulders and  gauntlets
Nickkub's avatar
Very very good job
blacksad6's avatar
Well made man. Nice seeing cold weather armor too.
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Mineworker, do you do custom images for book covers? I am an author of historical novels and have a medieval as one of my works in process that I would like to talk to you about. You can email me at
donttellmewhattodraw's avatar
Is this painted or 3D?
Great job either way!
ChickknightGreenleaf's avatar
anatomy error mate ! his left leg is longer than right leg, same for the right arm ! except that the rest is awesome!
Cliroj's avatar
That is called perspective. (;
KoniPerdomo's avatar
Well, if the legs and arms difer in size, then its a proportion error! We cant know about the anatomy because we can see the muscles. For example, a midget has the anatomy right, but the propotions are twisted, compariong to a regular human. But i think that the great deing and reendering makes it up for any mistakes. o/
ChickknightGreenleaf's avatar
oh! so that "proportion" not "anatomy" sorry mate! in my place we use only "anatomy" word
KoniPerdomo's avatar
No problem at all! We learn new things every day! xD
lothairebeaumont's avatar
Absolutely genial!!!
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We need more good knights.
Leonhardt16's avatar
Reminds me of a very young Gerald from Kingdom Under Fire. Coolness!
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reminds me of Game of thrones. Very nice piece. :)
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