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Print +1 (finally done a 2nd one o<-<)

Shiro (c) Media Factory
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A very cute Shiro! the colors seems a little light though, but thats just my taste i guess.
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Still an all time favorite! Loved seeing your booth again this year at sakuracon!
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Thank you! Hope you had fun at Sakura Con this year !
MikasaHeartfillia36's avatar
I love the pastel like colors u used and the style its drawn in.
XCookienomnomnomX's avatar
Absolutely amazing. TvT
Mayya-b's avatar
Shiro is so cute 
PersephoneKyuubi's avatar
Awesome job!!! That's just amazing Pervy Mark Pervy Mark Pervy Mark 
Ahri-The-Fox's avatar
looks just like her 
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Her face is so cute ♥️♥️♥️
Crystal-Mint's avatar
This is one of the best NGNL fanarts I have ever seen omgg!! QwQ <333
minevi's avatar
//o// thank you so much !!
Crystal-Mint's avatar
You're welcome! <3
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i just LOVE the coloring AND THE LINEART. . . you my dear are AMAZING!!! Love Love Love :happybounce: Hug 
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No problem! =D You deserve it!
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I think your art style is done for this anime... May you are the designer... :3
So for me, Shiro is just.... like that! Thank you for this amazing Drawing...
tortugarana's avatar
anime expo <3 thank for signing mine print!
minevi's avatar
aa you're very welcome! Thank you for buying a copy ! // 
rchella's avatar
shes look so cute and the colors is so soft. <3
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Them eyes doe. You get an A+
effie-kun's avatar
Just bought this today! Sorry for loitering around your stall for so long today ^^;
minevi's avatar
aa thank you so much for picking one up //o// !
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