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Kind of late in doing this but attempting to draw the rest of the Madoka characters..!

Kyoko (c) SHAFT
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beautiful and tragic. love sayaka in the background!
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Kyoko will always be alive

In my heart
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This is so lovely and emotional. Could I use this for this meme I'm doing?

This is the meme -> Top 20 Favorite Redheads Meme
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Kyoko's my favorite, and you drew her and Sayaka so well! <3
xXJimenaWolfGirl12Xx's avatar
I'd Cryied in this Episode ;n;
Wonderful Job! <3
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.         〉 ,/⌒ ̄ ̄\
          / ∨ /⌒   ⌒\
       |  | i 〃/ /\ \ .ハ
       |  | |  |/∨  jノⅥ Ν
           ,ノ 八圦| ┃   ┃ レ′
       ⌒i:   |¨ヽ.''_∈マ_''ノ
     ――八  |―/「 承{\づ―――>
       )ノ ≧ソ  ! 廴_
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Nice Kyoko Sakura :)
Could you please watch my Male Version Casual Cosplay of her ans say something (either good or bad, your honest opinion about it)
It would mean a lot to me
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Okay so...gentle smile and clasped hands....  Who is this and what did she do with Kyoko Sakura?Wink/Razz

Seriously though, wonderful work here.
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Thank you very much !
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The softness in her face... how do you do that... omg you are just so skilled :iconlazycryplz: I love your pictures so much ;_;
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aa thanks so much ; o ; I'm happy you enjoy my drawings !
So damn beautiful! Love it!
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this is the most innocent i think iv ever seen her.
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So beautiful and sad
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This is so great! It captures excalty the feels and is do amazing! :3
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Awww so beautiful
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This is so touching and beautiful. I saw this at Anime Expo and bought it for my brother who is also a huge Madoka fan. We both love it!
Well done. :')
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Aah thank you so much!
I'm really happy to hear that !
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amazing!!! Kyoko!
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It looks so sad but beautiful at the same time. Wonderful job!
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So sad, but I love it! Such a great depiction of that moment!
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