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ProteusChroma v1.0


V2.0 is getting in sight. Thank you all for showing interest in my project :)

October 2, 2020:
As you might know i've continued work on the project on the side, and it's making steady progress. 
I wont put up an ETA yet, because it would work against me in the end, but for now i can leave you with some info.

I will start accepting testers some time this month, when i catch a break from other things in my life.
If you've requested already, i'll get around to replying, but if you haven't requested yet, you can comment here or pm me if you want to help test v2 out. 

ProteusChroma is a collection of Visualizers, made for the program Rainmeter

A visualizer is an object on your screen which is animated based on the sounds your computer outputs.

Here's a youtube video of it in action:

Download / Support me using ads:…

(You can click the download button located in the upper right corner to avoid dealing with ads)

Minimum Requirements

Windows 7
Rainmeter 4.1


- Visualizers: 8 Unique visualizers, with some variations (A total of 12 visualizers)

- Menu: Right-click any of the visualizers to summon a menu which can change basic settings.

- Config Menus: These are summoned by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the Menu.
   Colors: In this menu you'll be able to calculate, edit and apply different gradients.
   Settings: In this menu you can edit the "program" settings for the visualizers.
    - For example, you can edit the volumes at which colors change, toggle opacity mode,
      and edit the shape of the ends of the visualizers.

- InfoWiz: A guide that tells you info about what your mouse is currently hovering over.
 It is a little "window" that you can summon in the Config menus, in the top-left corner. (The question mark "?")

- BONUS: MusicuIsLifu: A Music player that uses the colors of your visualizer.
  It works with all music players that NowPlaying supports.
  Simply right-click it to summon a configuration menu.

How to use the provided font / Weird font, what gives?:

Navigate to ProteusChroma\@,Resources\Fonts
Then locate and install EN.ttf and refresh rainmeter! :)
(You can right-click the taskbar icon for rainmeter and click "Refresh All" to do it the easy way)


¤ ItsCrocoSwine (Helix, JaggedHelix and JaggedLine creator)
¤ SpiderTechnitian (The greatest fan)
¤ FratBoyOnReddit (Name-giver!)
¤ NightHawkSLO (The optimizer)
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Best visualizer for color coordinating ICUE RGB and Desktop music.

I love this so much! just one thing, is it possible that the dots of life cannot change size? i wanna make the visualizer smaller but cant

hi! really loved it but is there any way that i can make ir thinner??

looks amazing but is there a way to increase the number of bands so I can have the thing cover the whole bottom of my screen?

One of my favorite but the only issue I have is sometimes I can put items on top of the visualizer but sometimes it can't unlike other skins :/

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Best sound bar out there, will come back here every time I want it again. Thanks!

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I cannot place it on upper side of the screen.

Hi! I wanted to ask if there's a way to remove some of the rhombuses in the diamond visualizer? I'm currently trying to remove the two outer rhombuses - and went into the ini file - but even after editing out anything that says rhombus 6 / 7 it's still there. Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Looks amazing. Guys, I just bought a Creative Labs Katana soundbar and since then, none of the visualizers work (including this one) anymore... Any idea why and how to fix it please? Is there a way tos specify the audio output somewhere? Thank you

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if the said thing is a bluetooth device, it wont work.

rainmeter acquires audio from your device only

i use spotify cast on my google home mini, visualizers wont move

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Nice work sir, thank you so much :clap: :happybounce: Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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Phenomenal work, truly. This has been one of the only rainmeter skins ive kept for years. Mind if i hop on v2?

Hi i have a question why does the visualizer doesnt reaact to any sound on my computer? thanks i use spotify mainly

abhiramchandrasen's avatar

if you use a bluetooth device or cast, it wont work

links seem to be dead -- edit: my bad! the adfly one works

This is just awesome, thank you

This is just what im looking for, But the gradient tends to flicker

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Can't change the sensitivity at all. I put in 50,100,500, and 1000 and it doesn't change at all. Am I missing something here?

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