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Hey! So wasn't expecting to do a second journal on this topic but, I need to lay down one more rule:
-Do NOT get commissions/requests of these two characters until further notice:
Veronica Blackwald:…
Iori Ando:…

This is because the outfits they wear belong to a user named Thy-Darkest-Hour, found here:…

I did not ask for permission to use the outfits and for that, I apologize deeply & it will not happen again in the future. At some point, I will be giving the characters new & original dress designs. When/if I decide to get to those, only then will you have permission to get comms/requests of them. For now though, DO NOT get requests or commissions of them in their current outfits out of respect of the ladies who worked very hard on the actual versions of those dresses.

Thank you for understanding, once again deepest apologies, and if you liked those outfits please look at their DA page, maybe drop them a watch because they do beautiful work.
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