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Spike:"Twilight...I am not that baby-dragon anymore you knew for so long... let it go and stop handle me like one...I am adult now!"

Twilight:"But...but Spike... "

Sooo... do you know wich cute little Dragonbaby this is ?:eyes:
Yes you'r right! ;P
This is little Spike from My little Pony:giggle:
I just tried to make him look a little bit...lets say older :lol:

I really hope you like it :aww:

If you are interested take a look at the new version of this drawing=)

The new Spike by Minerea

Spike© hasbro
Art © me
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© 2011 - 2021 Minerea
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This reminds me of eragon
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wicked nice work and little comments with it, very poetic.
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Hello there :iconminerea: 

So I'm currently working on this fanfic called "Where Spike came from" on Fimfiction… <- the fic in question. 

I was wondering if I could use your picture as the Story's image. I would give credit the the stories description of course. 

I'd really appreciate it, I think it really fits the mood of the story. 
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thank you very much. I feel very honored you would like to use one of my Artworks:aww:

As long as you are giving credit with "link" to the original Artwork it's totally fine for me ^w^

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Thank you very much! You can see it here… I linked your Deviantart and gave credit in the description :D
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That's sweet thank you :aww::hug:
This drawing is beyond awesome. Could I use it as my Twitter avatar?
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Thank you very much:aww:

Hmm, yeah sure why not ^w^ As long as it's not used for roleplays  and credits are given ;D
Do you have a Twitter account I can credit your art to or should I just credit the art to your deviant art account?
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Hello there,

how do you mean "giving credit" to my Art, because to be honest I don't want that my Artworks will be uploaded somewhere else.

Could you show me please where you would giving credit to my Artworks?
Maybe it's okay for me then ;)

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Being a fan of Spyro and MLP, I always imagined that Spike was like Spyro's lost little brother and MLP's Equestria was a different continent on the same world. I also like to imagine that after Spyro saves and gets together with Cynder, they go looking for Spike and cause a whole new adventure to take place. 

If anyone's written a decent fanfic crossover story about this, please let me know, because I'd love to read it. 
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I always thought Spike would be a mixture of these two… but this looks cool.
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cool, I really hope at some point he does get older in a good way so he can really help out in big battle scenes. Personally I still think Celestia is holding back. She's the goddess of the sun, she should be able to kick major butt in battle. Rage Of The Sun sounds good to me.
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Dragons are epic!  :D (Big Grin) 
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Amazing! Well done!! :P
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I'm not a MLP fan, but I'm familiar with the character. Very wicked rendition here.
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his expression is like "what are you looking at huh?" XD
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This is how dragon should look like!!! Yeah! :D :D :D :#1:
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spike looks cool!
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I want rarity to be riding on his head like a rodeo. :D
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