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darkeldar vs tyranids

By minenanoah
darkeldar vs tyranids
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Dark Eldar stand no hope fighting Tyranids.
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Can't torture them space emo elves. They feel nothing but HUNGER.
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The Dark Eldar meet there worst nightmare.
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Dark Eldar are the worst nightmare..
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Adaptable giant alien beasts that vomit bio-plasma from a galaxy away vs cardboard paper...This will end well...
Darkheart1123's avatar
So that's why the dark eldar never made it into another WK game
randomeye713's avatar
I've always thought that would make a fun match
Tyranid are made out of flesh so they should be susceptible to Dark Eldar pain technology
Gustauve-Drakenhime's avatar
Hive Fleet Hydra? It's the only Hive Fleet that's even come into contact with the Dark Eldar that I know of...
The Dark Elder raid everywhere, and bringing back a Tyranid for entertainment is sure to get them recognition. The fun part is bringing back a large enough Tyranid, without being eaten in the process.
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Nice artwork, I love the fact you stay away from the archie comic storyline. I like serious drama in here!
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usually dont like dark eldar, but this is pretty badass
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bonito pero confuso.
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I love it. Finally a battle where the Imperium has nothing to do with it. The only thing I see missing are the Raiders for the DE and the thousands upon millions of smaller Nids.
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Thanks, do you want to me to go crazy drawing thousands upon millions of smaller Nids? :)
ChuteTrooper's avatar
Indeed! It must be a battle of epic proportions.
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Hmm, darkness vs darkness. . .
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A stunning peace of art right here, never would have expected the Tyranids (who wage all out invasions on an inter-planetary scale with endless tides of cannon-fodder) to battle with the Dark Eldar (which launch several surgical strikes at the heart of the enemy, disappearing as fast as they came). Both factions present a nightmarish image in a different way, but once they clash, a whole new nightmare appears. I like this image lots, splendid job.
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I couldn´t have said it better myself, tkanks
ND999's avatar
No problem, I always try to be thoughtful when dealing with awesome pictures like this, but you're gratitude is noted :)
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Evil fears only Evil
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